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May 25, 2022
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Fatah Publishes Video Glorifying Members Of The Palestinian Security Services Who Are 'Fedayeen By Night'

#9594 | 01:15
Source: Online Platforms - "Fatah on Facebook"

On May 25, 2022, Fatah uploaded to its Facebook page a video titled "Security Services By Day, Fedayeen By Night," glorifying members of the Palestinian security services who have been involved in terrorism. The video showed pictures of the following individuals in Palestinian security services uniforms: Muhammad Al-Tubasi, a member of the Palestinian Authority's security services who is also a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), arrested in Jenin by Israeli forces on May 24, 2022; Daoud Al-Zubeidi, a former Palestinian security serviceman who died of his wounds after a May 13, 2022 firefight between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants (Daoud was the brother of prominent Palestinian terrorist Zakaria Al-Zubeidi); Fathi Hazem, a former senior member of the Palestinian Authority's security services who is the father of terrorist Raad Hazem, who killed three in an April 7, 2022 shooting in downtown Tel Aviv; Palestinian Authority military intelligence officers Adhan Alawi and Taysir Issa, who were killed in a June 10, 2021 firefight with Israeli forces. Some of the men are pictured holding weapons.

Onscreen text: "Members of the security services by day, fedayeen by night; the heroic prisoner Major Muhammad Al-Tubasi; the heroic martyr Lieutenant Colonel Daoud Al-Zubaidi; Colonel Fathi Hazem — Abu Raad, Security Services Academy; the heroic martyr Captain Taysir Issa; the heroic martyr Lieutenant Adham Aliwi; Members of the security services by day, fedayeen by night."


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