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Nov 11, 2022
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Fatah Fighters Train At Ein Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp In Lebanon: We Are Ready To Liberate Palestine, The Al-Aqsa Mosque; We Follow In The Footsteps Of Yasser Arafat

#9931 | 01:48
Source: Online Platforms - "Fateh TV on YouTube"

On November 11, 2022 a video was uploaded to the Fateh TV YouTube channel of the closing ceremony of a Fatah training camp held at the Ein Al-Hilweh refugee camp in Sidon, Lebanon. The training camp was named in honor of "the martyr and leader" Yasser Arafat. One of the fighters' commanders said that the fighters are ready to defend refugee camps in the "diaspora" and to liberate Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The video also showed the cadets pledging to be loyal to Fatah and not to reveal any of its secrets.

Fatah Commander: "This is a National Security Forces exercise in the Sidon area. They have completed the course, which is named in honor of the martyr and leader Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat]. We are following in his footsteps, the way he taught us.

"The fighting soldiers of the National Security Forces are guarding our people and the [refugee] camps in the diaspora. At the same time, we teach them that their guns are meant only for the liberation of Palestine because these soldiers are fighters, not murderers.

"We are fully ready to defend our land and liberate Palestine like we have seen in Gaza and in Nablus. Inshallah, we will liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque."


Fighters: "Allah!"

Chant leader: "I swear by God Almighty!"

Fighters: "I swear by God Almighty!"

Chant leader: "I swear by my honor and my beliefs..."

Fighters: "I swear by my honor and my beliefs..."

Chant leader: "to be loyal to Palestine..."

Fighters: "to be loyal to Palestine..."

Chant leader: "and to work to liberate it."

Fighters: "and to work to liberate it."

Chant leader: "I will do everything I can."

Fighters: "I will do everything I can."

Chant leader: "I swear that I will not reveal the secrets of the Fatah movement..."

Fighters: "I swear that I will not reveal the secrets of the Fatah movement..."

Chant leader: "and what I know about it."

Fighters: "and what I know about it."

Chant leader: "I make this pledge freely..."

Fighters: "I make this pledge freely..."

Chant leader: "Allah is witness to what I say."

Fighters: "Allah is witness to what I say. Allah! Allah!"

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