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Jul 14, 2017
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Fatah Official Abbas Zaki Warns of Escalation: Jerusalem Shooting Attack Due to Failure of Political Process

#6124 | 01:47
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said that the July 14 shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, carried out by Israeli Arabs, pointed to an escalation in the situation, which, he said, was heading toward a "big explosion." "If the political process fails, nobody can stop people who want to die," said Zaki, speaking on Mayadeen TV on the day of the attack. He further pointed to U.S. President Trump's visit to the Al-Buraq [Western] Wall, where he "performed the rituals performed by Jews," and said: "This is very dangerous."


Abbas Zaki: This operation came from the depth of the 1948 lands, from Umm Al-Fahm. It came from people who have Israeli ID cards, and who are the most familiar with the changes within Israel.




These young men, instead of going from Umm Al-Fahm to Jerusalem, could have killed 20 Israelis there, but the fact that they chose Friday for their souls to ascend [to Heaven] from the place of the Prophet's ascension points to dangerous things. If there is a vacuum in the national activity and the political process fails, nobody can stop people who want to die.




I believe that the situation is heading toward a big explosion. You cannot know exactly how this explosion will take place. It does not matter whether we condemn or support [the attack]. The operation was carried out by people from within the '48 borders, with [Israeli] ID cards.




The situation will escalate for a reason. In the past, people thought that there was a chance for peace, but for the first time, an American president comes along, and performs Jewish rituals at the Al-Buraq Wall - which he calls "the Wailing Wall." Even though he was not accompanied by anyone, he put on a yarmulke and performed the rituals performed by Jews. This is very dangerous.



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