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Jul 23, 2022
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Fatah Official Jalal Abu Shihab Praises Terrorists, Adds: Israel Will Be Destroyed By Palestinian Resistance Fighters

#9750 | 01:25
Source: Al-Awda TV (PA)

Jalal Abu Shihad, a South Lebanon Fatah official, said in a July 23, 2022 interview on Awda TV (Palestinian Authority) that Fatah's "greatness" stems from its "martyrs" and from "resistance fighters" who carry out attacks in Israel. He also said that military activity and political activity go hand-in-hand, explaining: "Military activity sows, and political activity reaps."

Jalal Abu Shihad: "The greatness of [Fatah] lies in that it draws its power from its martyrs, its prisoners, its wounded, its people that are making sacrifices, from Bahaa [Alyan who carried out an attack in Jerusalem] and Raad [Hazem who carried out an attack in Tel Aviv] who taught the Zionist occupation a lesson that it would never forget.

"There were many wars, but the Zionist occupation never lost as many [people] as it did at the hands of these heroes, for whose souls we always pray. This nation is always racing towards martyrdom for the sake of victory, while the occupation is running away from death, because they know that they are on the side of falsehood, and they know full well that their state will come to an end.

"The violence, killing, and crimes that we see today are committed only in order to extend the life of the state they call 'Israel.' Israel will come to an end at the hands of the Palestinian resistance fighters and politicians. I always say that military activity sows and political activity reaps. One should be insane to sow and then not reap."

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