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Oct 04, 2022
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Fatah Official Abbas Zaki Praises Terrorist, Who Murdered Two Israelis In Jerusalem: If An 18-Year-Old Palestinian Strikes Fear Into Israel, How Much More May We Expect If We Are Organized, United

#9869 | 01:38
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Abbas Zaki, of the Fatah Central Committee, praised 19-year-old Muhannad Al-Halabi, who stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem in 2015 in an October 4, 2022 public address. He said that if 18-year-old Palestinians strike fear into Israel, then how much more may Palestinians expect if they are organized and united. Zaki continued to say that this was not "terrorism," rather the occupation is the "highest form of terrorism." Abbas Zaki spoke at a ceremony marking the 54th anniversary of the Palestinian Arab Front, which was aired on Palestine TV.

Abbas Zaki: "I call for the kind of national unity that was manifest in the role played by the Palestinian Arab Front. I call on all of us to overcome our inter-Palestinian disputes because all our heads are on the chopping block. Therefore, unity means power.

"I hope nobody sets preconditions to unity, and that we will all be in the same trench, speaking the same language. When the Palestinian situation becomes optimal, the world will surrender before the might of our people who produced someone like Muhannad Al-Halabi [who stabbed two Israelis to death] thus forcing a curfew in Jerusalem.

"If [one of] our 18-year-olds strikes fear into Israel, all by himself, having been sent by no one, how much more may we expect from our people when they are organized according to a strategy of national unity? With advanced awareness we say to the world: What terrorism? People call this terrorism. Isn't occupation the highest form of terrorism?"

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