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Dec 30, 2021
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At Events Celebrating Fatah's 57th Anniversary, Fatah Official Praises Martyrs, Prisoners: Fatah Believes In All Forms Of Resistance

#9288 | 04:11
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

This clip is a compilation of videos from events celebrating Fatah's 57 anniversary. In a ceremony that took place in East Jerusalem, and was aired on Palestine TV on January 1, 2022, Deputy Sec.-Gen. of Fatah's Central Committee Dr. Sabri Saidam was invited to light the commencement torch. A man then recited a poem as armed and masked Fatah members marched through the auditorium. In a video of a rally that was aired on Palestine TV on December 30, 2021, Deputy Chairman of the Fatah Movement Mahmoud Al-Aloul said that Fatah remembers all its martyrs and prisoners, including Marwan Barghouti, Karim Younes, and others. He added that Fatah believes "in all forms of resistance." In a video of a march that was uploaded to the Jmedia Facebook page on December 30, 2021, masked and uniformed men as seen carrying on mock-ups of large rockets on their shoulders. Other people are seen carrying Fatah flags and wearing shirts with a picture of Yasser Arafat printed on them.

Speaker 1: "We now invite Dr. Sabri Saidam to light the flame to commence the 57th anniversary ceremony."

Speaker 2: "Advance, advance, the camp has advanced. Advance, advance. The land beneath you is Hell, and the sky above you is Hell. Advance, advance. Advance, oh sons of victory, advance and glory will bow before you alone. This is the truth, untouched by falsehood. Advance, advance. The sky above you is Hell, and the land beneath you is Hell."


Mahmoud Al-Aloul: "Yes, we remember the martyrs and the beloved prisoners. We also remember the steadfast prisoner Abu Hawwash, who has been on a hunger strike for 136 or 137 days. We also remember the beloved members of [Fatah's] Central Committee Marwan [Barghouti] and Karim Younes. Let me tell you that in four or five days, Karim will have served 40 years in prison. This is Fatah's leadership. Allah willing, we will welcome Karim here among us soon.

"Yes, we remember all the prisoners, Maher Younes, [Fuad] Al-Shobaki, Ahmad Sa'adat, and all the beloved ones, as well as Zakaria Zubeidi, beloved by these crowds. We know full well how much these prisoners are suffering. They are the expensive price of freedom and independence.

"We take pride in your resistance, oh those who wage popular resistance. You are one form of the resistance, and Fatah believes in all forms of resistance."

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