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Mar 20, 2017
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Fatah Official Abbas Zaki to Palestinian Officers: You Shall Liberate Jerusalem and Rule the World; Israelis Are Donkeys; ISIS Should Have Attacked in Israel

#6016 | 03:24
Source: The Internet - "Istiqlal University on YouTube"

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said in a March 21 address at Al-Istiqlal University, Jericho, that the Palestinian youth should be trained in judo and karate in order to humiliate the "donkey-like" Israelis. "We shall liberate Jerusalem, and you shall rule the world," he said. Calling ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi an "idiot and a liar," Zaki said that "if he had carried out just two attacks in Israel - one in Tel Aviv and the other in Dimona - he would have taken over the entire Arab and Islamic region." The university where the address was delivered was founded in 1998 as "the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences" and was opened by President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007. In 2011 it became a university, which trains personnel for the Palestinian security forces.


Abbas Zaki: "Israel used to think that 2015 would be the decisive year, because in that year there was a solar eclipse that painted the sky red, and in their religion, blood signifies victory for Israel, or a victory for the Zionist movement and its dream. What would this victory look like? Jerusalem would undergo complete Judaification, in keeping with what Ben-Gurion used to say. Ben-Gurion would say: There can be no state without Jerusalem, there can be no Jerusalem without the Temple, and there can be no Temple without the destruction of Al-Aqsa.




"Of the 141 martyrs (of the "Jerusalem Intifada"), fewer than 80 intended to kill, stab, or run over somebody. The (Israelis) kill someone and throw a knife next to him.




"Given this state of affairs, we should train our youth in judo or karate. Any girl can throw the best (Israeli) officer two or three times and walk away. At least there is valor among the Palestinian people. The Palestinians know how to stand guard and are capable of humiliating (the Israelis).




"Do you know what Ben-Gurion used to say? He who rules Jerusalem rules the world. It turned out to be true. Now they rule Jerusalem and rules the world. Therefore, Allah willing, we shall liberate Jerusalem, and you shall rule the world. Allah willing, this is very near, because our donkey-like enemy is our greatest asset. These are donkeys.




"That animal from ISIS... What's his name?"


Audience: "Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi."


Abbas Zaki: "Right, Abu-Five-Wives... Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi says: 'We're coming.' To hell with him. Didn't he train with the (Americans) for three years? Do we suffer from a shortage of slogans that nobody implements?! If that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi had carried out just two attacks in Israel - one in Tel Aviv and the other in Dimona - he would have taken over the entire Arab and Islamic region. But he is an idiot and a liar. Those (Jihadists) used to fight in Afghanistan. I do not want to reveal any secrets, but let me tell you, if I had known about an organization whose men and women are more capable than Fatah, I wouldn't have stayed in Fatah for even two days."


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