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Nov 08, 2018
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Louis Farrakhan in Tehran: The Iranians Have A Right to Chant "Death to America;" I Am More Of A Patriot Than Americans Who Bow Down To Evil

#6834 | 02:33
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)Russia Today TV (Russia)

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, delivered a press conference in Tehran on November 8, 2018. He said that the Iranian people have the right to chant "death to America" because the economic sanctions are hurting them and that it is America's and Israel's policies that will lead to their demise rather than the Iranian chants. In a response to people who say that he should stay in Iran rather than return to the U.S., Farrakhan said: "America is mine. America is ours… How dare you say we cannot criticize your evil and point it out to you? I am more of a patriot than most of you who bow down to evil, and I speak the truth." During the press conference, a Press TV (Iran) reporter asked Farrakhan if he would be willing to chant "death to America" on camera. Farrakhan said that he would not, and he accused the reporter of being paid to provoke him. Press TV interrupted their live broadcast of the press conference during Farrakhan's accusations. The excerpts in this video were from Ruptly, a part of the Russia Today network, and from IRINN TV.

Following are excerpts:


Louis Farrakhan: So when these Iranians chant "death to America," "death to Israel"… No chant can bring about your death, but it is your policies that are eroding trust for you in the world, favor for you in the world, and now you're pulling apart, confused. And if you do this you will bring about… Not the Iranian chant, you will bring about the death of the greatest nation.




I know that chant came from the people of Iran, and this sanction is what's hurting the people of Iran. They have a right to chant it. But I am not a chanter. I am a worker for god, and the truth will undo falsehood, and the righteous will win against the wicked, not with a chant.




So my enemies are saying that maybe I should stay in Iran and not come back to America. I want to warn you. You speak as the foolish. America is mine. America is ours. Our sweat and our blood built America. How dare you say that we have no place there? How dare you say that we cannot criticize your evil and point it out to you? I am more of a patriot than most of you who bow down to evil, and it is only truth that will make America better, and I speak the truth. I will be back in America to speak it again.

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