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Mar 06, 2015
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Expert: The Pharaohs Discovered Australia, Egyptians Have Legal Rights There

#4839 | 02:06
Source: TRT Arabic (Turkey)

During a recent TV debate on the destruction of antiquities by ISIS, Syrian political analyst Yahya Badr said that the Egyptian people was entitled to claim legal rights in Australia, since inscriptions in ancient hieroglyphics had been found near Sydney, indicating that the grandson of a pharoah had landed there. On the show, which aired on the Turkish TRT TV channel on March 6, 2015, Badr was introduced as owning the patent to mummy technology.

Following are excerpts:

TV host: Let's discuss the destruction of antiquities.

Yahya Badr: This is a crime, because antiquities constitute documentation, which preserves the [legal] rights of nations.

Let me give you an example unknown to many. In Australia, there is a cave in a place called Hunter Valley, 100 km north of Sydney. In this cave, there are two wall inscriptions in ancient hieroglyphics. The scientist Ray Johnson translated these inscriptions.

It is very strange to find in Australia 4,300-4,400-year-old hieroglyphics. The English [translation] refers to the grandson of Khufu, Djes-eb. It says that he sailed westward for two seasons, or two years. So where was he coming from? From the American continent. He sailed until he got there. Pharaoh ordered him to bring insects, and he was killed there.

You know, in the history of colonialism, the first to discover a new land and to plant his flag there gets to own it. Therefore, the Egyptian people is entitled to claim its [legal] rights in Australia, because of the two "documents" that date back to the time of Khufu, and say that he was returning from America.

This is very important. This is why history is so important. He who destroys history destroys the rights of nations.

TV host: Okay. Thank you.


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