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Oct 12, 2008
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"Expert" on Jews and Freemasons Baha Al-Amir: George Bush Invaded Iraq in Order to Implement a Judeo-Masonic Agenda

#1905 | 08:05
Source: Al-Rafidein TV (Iraq)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Baha Al-Amir, an "expert" on Jews and Freemasons, which aired on Al-Rafidein TV on October 12, 2008:

Dr. Baha Al-Amir: Freemasonry and secret societies initiated the settlements in America, and with time, it began to lead the societies established there. It controls their trade and funds, and it guides them. Europe, or the main body of the Masonic movements in Europe, provided these colonies and their Masonic leaders with money, knowledge, and even people, because the colonies lacked military knowhow, funding, and material support.


No one in America is responsible for the American Revolution and independence. It was due to a man called the Marquis de Lafayette. This Lafayette was a Freemason of the 33rd degree. He was sent by the Masonic movement in Europe to liaison between the colonies. He united the ranks of the Masons in the American colonies.


This Lafayette subordinated the military leaders of the colonies to the command of George Washington.


The dollar bill – or, to be precise, the Great Seal portrayed on it – is the mark left by clandestine movements in order to commemorate their role in founding the United States, and as a reminder of the mission for which the U.S. was established.


This bill was designed by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and his VP Henry Wallace. The main change they made to the previous design of the one-dollar bill was the inclusion of the Great Seal. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and Vice President Henry Wallace were both Masons of the 32nd degree.


In the center of the obverse of the one dollar bill, there is a portrait of George Washington. People think this is because he was the first U.S. president, but of course, it was because he was a Freemason. Immediately to the right of George Washington, you see two green circles with scales in the middle.


This is the symbol of the Treasury. What do the scales have to do with the Treasury? The scales are supposed to be the symbol of justice. The truth is that this is a well-known symbol of Freemasonry, and this is why it is on the bill. What do the scales symbolize in Freemasonry? It symbolizes the myth of Osiris who was killed by his brother Set. Isis gathered his remains, revived them, and made him the god of the word of eternity. So the scales convey the message that Freemasonry never dies. No matter how hard it is beaten, it will always return to life.


This is an enlarged image of the dollar bill. There is an ornate line around the digit 1. If we enlarge this ornate line, one can see something resembling an owl's face next to it. Let me tell you what this owl is. This owl is Lilith. Who is Lilith? In the Zohar book of the Talmud, it says that Adam had a wife called Lilith before Eve, and that God created her out of earth and water, and not from Adam's rib, like in the case of Eve. God ordered Lilith to obey Adam, but she refused and rebelled against him. She said she was created independently, just like Adam, so he could not tell her what she could or could not do. She fled from God, so He transformed her into an owl. Among women's rights movements, this owl, Lilith, has become a symbol of the independent, rebellious woman, who has her own personality, it is a female symbol.

Among the secret societies and the Freemasons, she is a symbol of rebellion against the authorities, as well as against the traditions, the clerics, and the religions.


In North California, there is a place called Bohemian Grove, where the U.S. elite convenes annually on a regular date for two weeks. They live there for two whole weeks. There is a different camp for each sector of the U.S. elite. There is one camp for the incumbent and former U.S. presidents and for politicians, another camp for senior Department of Defense officials, a camp for university professors and presidents, a camp for the heads of the banking and industry sectors, and another camp for people of the media. This is a secret gathering, and the media is not allowed in. It has been convening for more than a century. In this gathering, they stage plays, and so on, and the main ritual in this camp is what you can see now.

Interviewer: These pictures were taken secretly...


What we see here is a stone stage, built on the bank of a lake in this Bohemian Grove. The people standing there are not actors. They are the U.S. elite, wearing festive clothes. In this ritual, a boat docks on the bank of this artificial lake, and the people there pick up a model of a small child from it. Then, they burn this model at the feet of the owl Lilith. The statue you see there is of the owl Lilith, which, as we said, appears on the dollar bill.


What we see now is the obverse of the Great Seal of the U.S. I just want to inform the viewers that the seal's designers were Freemasons, and that some of the symbols they include have hidden meanings. Anyone will tell you that the symbol of the U.S. is the Bald Hawk [sic].

Interviewer: But this is not a hawk, nor is it bald...

Dr. Baha Al-Amir: When the Freemasons designed this symbol, they did not mean a hawk.

Interviewer: As you said, they didn't mean the hawk, but maybe the phoenix...

Dr. Baha Al-Amir: Yes, they meant the phoenix bird.


Below the pyramid, we see the words novus ordo seclorum, which means a "new world order." But in fact, this order is very old. This is what the secret societies have aspired to throughout history. The only new thing about this order is that it employs new methods every time – sometimes, it uses wars, and other times, revolutions. Sometimes, it uses money and economy, and other times, the press and the media. Actually, there is another thing that is new about his order – it deludes the fools of each generation into believing that it is new, while in fact, it is as old as the Jews.


Interviewer: When you fold a dollar bill, and the obverse and reverse meet – you have a name for this...

Dr. Baha Al-Amir: Yes, in the Book of Kings in the Bible, there is a thing called "the cherubs."


The Hebrew language borrowed this term from the Assyrian language, and it describes the figurines of bird-like angels, made by King Solomon in order to guard the Holy Ark in the Holy of Holies. But among the secret societies, the cherubs assume many forms. The most famous form of cherubs in Freemasonry has bird's wings and a pyramid-like body.


The viewers should know George Bush [Sr.] was a Freemason of the 33rd degree – the highest rank of the Scottish Rite. He is also a member of the Skull and Bones organization, the U.S. chapter of Illuminati. The same is true of George W. Bush. They have a tradition. The first George Bush, the founder of the family, was one of the founders of Skull and Bones, and he was friends with Charlie [sic] Russell. The Bush family has a tradition that they join this organization only.

Let me ask the viewers: Did George Bush invade Iraq because he is a U.S. president, with oil and American imperialism in mind, or was it because he is a Freemason of the 33rd degree, who implements a Judeo-Masonic agenda not only with regard to Iraq, but with regard to the entire region, within the framework of an agenda for the entire world?

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