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Jul 01, 2010
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Exclusive Al-Jazeera TV Reports on the Taliban in Afghanistan

#2608 | 07:13
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from several exclusive Al-Jazeera TV reports on the Taliban, which aired in July and August, 2010:

August 11, 2010:

Dhiya Al-Rahman: These are your weapons, oh Americans. We will use them to kill you. We will open fire on your heads. No matter what you do, we will kill you and whoever helps you.

Reporter: With these words, Dhiya Al-Rahman stresses the strength of the Taliban fighters, who were not deterred by the torrential rains from taking their positions in the mountaintops. These fighters constitute a thorn in the side of the Afghan army, the US forces, and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

The heavy clouds caressing the mountaintops prevent US airplanes from reaching these areas. In addition, they serve as a natural shield for the Taliban fighters, who have not stopped their activity, and who continue to meet with their field commanders to get their orders.


August 12, 2010:

Reporter: Taliban prepares in a different way for the month of Ramadhan: These people are planning to step up their armed operations against the Afghan and international forces in the Kandahar province, where these forces have been conducting a military operation against Taliban fighters for more than a month. But the Taliban says that the operation has not achieved its goals.

Taliban field commander Mullah Abu 'Atiq: With the grace of Allah, the NATO forces are heading for defeat. The fate of the NATO forces will be the same as that of the Soviet forces. This month, there will be a stream of mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate, ready to sacrifice their lives.

Reporter: Taliban leaders in Kandahar reject the UN report, which blamed the Taliban for most of the civilian deaths in Afghanistan. They say that Taliban has no reason to kill innocent people. They consider the locals to be the base of their power, as well as their refuge.

Taliban field commander Mullah Abdallah: It is the invading forces that are killing innocent people. These forces are anti-Muslim, and they kill them so that they will not become their enemies in the future. They say no difference between a fighter or a defenseless child.

Reporter: The Taliban says that these pieces of scrap metal are the remains of armored vehicles, which were destroyed in battles here. In addition, the Kandahar-Helmand route witnesses daily clashes, targeting the Afghan and NATO forces and their supply convoys.


Al-Jazeera TV on July 28, 2010:

Reporter: Within seconds, this vehicle will cease to exist on the face of the Earth, and its remains will fly into the skies. In a matter of minutes, this convoy, led by a minesweeper, in Kunar, will be destroyed by a landmine. These are the trademarks of the Taliban.

In addition, there is continuous shooting at everything American – from supply convoys to American bases. Those returning safely from the retaliation of the US forces are greeted by their comrades, and prepare for the next round, planned by their field commanders.

Taliban field commander Muhammad Zahed: The operations conducted by the mujahideen are successful. We have cut off the roads leading to the American bases. They are trying to take advantage of [their control of] the air. For a long time, the US forces here in Kunar have not been able to leave their bases.


Al-Jazeera TV on August 12, 2010:

Reporter: This is the fate of a NATO supply convoy in the Helmand desert. The convoy was on its way to the Musa Qala district, carrying supplies to the Afghan and international forces stationed there. The convoy suffered a surprise attack at the hands of the Taliban militants between the Musa Qala and Gereshk districts, in Helmand, South Afghanistan. The Taliban fighters destroyed several trucks and tankers. They took control of several vehicles in this battle, which lasted for a few hours.

Taliban field commander Maulvi Abd Al-Hakim: There were 70-80 trucks and cars in the convoy. Only four cars managed to escape. We either destroyed or took control of the rest of the cars, as you can see.

Reporter: The warriors' repose will soon be over with information about another convoy on its way to Musa Qala. These fighters are constantly in a state of alert. With old weapons and young blood, they continue to fight the NATO and Afghan forces, as they themselves say. The harvest of months of fighting between the Taliban and the international forces in the Musa Qala district alone includes the destruction of 70 NATO vehicles.

Taliban field commander Mula Haj Ghaleb: The morale of the mujahideen is high, Allah be praised, as the NATO forces are being defeated. They have given up most of their bases in Helmand, and soon they will be forced to move out of the region.

Reporter: There is no room for comparison between the military equipment of the Taliban with that of the Afghan and international forces. The Taliban's most important means of transport is the motorcycle, and their most important anti-tank weapon is the Russian-made 82 mm rocket. They have no anti-aircraft weapons. Nevertheless, the Taliban speaks of great victories, not least of which is the besieging of the Afghan and international forces in their bases in Musa Qala.


Al-Jazeera TV on August 20, 2010:

Reporter: For two days, the gunfire in this region has continued between the Taliban and the Afghan police and security agencies. The Taliban continues to thwart government control over the Kajaki Dam in the Sangin district. The Taliban is not allowing the dam to be rebuilt, and is not letting anyone come near it. Taliban has its reasons for this – reasons that are backed by its weapons.

Taliban's Helmand Province commander Sallah Jan: We have reached the Kajaki Dam. I am in charge of the Sangin-Kajaki road. During yesterday's clashes, we inflicted casualties on our enemy, and collected lots of booty.


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