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Nov 24, 2016
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European Islamic Conference Sec.-Gen. Mohamed Bechari: We Support Deportation of Inciting Imams from Europe

#5785 | 01:35
Source: Dubai TV

Mohamed Bechari, Secretary-General of the European Islamic Conference said that he supported French Republican candidate François Fillon's call to deport imams who preach hatred in the mosques. The Muslim organizations in Europe demand the indictment and deportation of terrorist imams, he, said, speaking on Dubai TV on November 24, 2016.


Secretary-General Mohamed Becheri: "We have seen that the extreme right, which rules in several cities in France today, does not implement its full agenda, but deals [only] with the current situation regarding the Arabs, the Muslims, the mosques, and so on. What do have to lose as a religious minority in [European] societies? The hijab and the niqab have been banned, the construction of minarets has been banned in some countries. What more can the extreme right do? Will it expel French citizens? It can't, because they all have French citizenship..."



Host: François Fillon, the French Republican forerunner, said that any imam of a mosque who preaches hatred and is not French would be banished. This hasn't been the case until now."



Secretary-General Mohamed Becheri: "That is what the Islamic organizations want too."



Host: "Right."



Secretary-General Mohamed Becheri: "The Islamic organizations care about the spiritual and ideological security of these countries. We do not support the terrorist imams. We demand their indictment and deportation. Thus, we must say to all: We are a part of these integral European societies, and the security of these countries is therefore our security."


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