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Aug 21, 2023
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In Encounter Between IRGC Navy And U.S. Helicopter Carrier, IRGC Forces Threaten To Open Fire On U.S. Helicopters: 'The Heroes Of The IRGC Navy Demonstrated Their Authoritative Presence'

#10436 | 04:18
Source: Tasnim News Agency (Iran)

The following clip is a complimentary offering from the MEMRI Iran Threat Monitor Project (ITMP). For more information, write to memri@memri.org with "ITMP Subscription" in the subject line.

On August 20, 2023, Tasnim News (Iran) aired footage of an August 17, 2023 encounter between the IRGC Navy and a U.S. Navy helicopter carrier in the Strait of Hormuz. The video includes drone footage of the American helicopter carrier, footage of airborne American helicopters, and the radio communications between the IRGC Navy and the American warship. An IRGC Navy officer can be heard informing the American ship that its helicopters are flying over Iranian waters and are too close to IRGC ships and to the Hengam oil field, warning that if the helicopters do not return to the carrier, the IRGC forces will open fire on them. The helicopters can then be seen landing on the carrier, and an IRGC Navy officer with his face blurred explains to the camera that the IRGC Navy is escorting the American ships back towards the Persian Gulf and its "heroes" have demonstrated their "authoritative presence", proving that they are ready to fulfil any mission, at any time. The U.S. Navy vessels involved in the encounter are the USS Thomas Hudner and the USS Bataan.

Onscreen text: "Monitoring and interception of U.S. Navy warships, by the UAVs of the IRGC Navy. The arrival of the IRGC Navy's speedboats. Monitoring and interception of U.S. Navy warships, by the UAVs of the IRGC Navy."

IRGC officer: "U.S. Navy warship, this is the Sepah Navy on channel 16, over."

U.S. officer: "This is coalition warship. I am engaged, and trying to passage in accordance with international law, over."

IRGC officer: "U.S. Navy warship, this is the Sepah Navy station. Your helicopter is in vicinity of my vessels and Hengam oil field also, sometimes going into Iranian territorial waters. [We] advise you to take them on your boat. Do not enter Iranian territorial waters.

"If you do not obey my orders, we will open fire on your helicopters, over."

Onscreen text: "The U.S. warships refrain from coming near [Iran's] territorial waters. The U.S. warships obey and land their helicopters."

IRGC officer: "Today, on August 17, 2023, the heroes of the IRGC Navy have demonstrated their authoritative presence. They identified and intercepted the U.S. [helicopter] carrier battle group, at the entrance to the Hormuz Straits. Criminal and plundering America sent six helicopters to fly over its vessels and defend them. Today, the IRGC Navy has demonstrated its authoritative presence, and proved, once again, that it is ready to fulfil any mission, at any time.

"We are now accompanying with authority the KHD5 helicopter carrier group, and its accompanying destroyer, from the entrance to the Hormuz Straits towards the Persian Gulf."

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