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Feb 05, 2021
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Friday Sermon By Sheikh Ekrima Sabri: French President Did Not Apologize For His Attacks On Islam; I Salute The Muslim Nations For Boycotting French Goods

#8666 | 03:00
Source: The Internet - "Al-Masjed Al-Aqsa on YouTube"

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, former Mufti of the Palestinian Authority, condemned the leaders and kings of Arab and Muslim countries for their failure to condemn the French crackdown against Islam. Sheikh Sabri's remarks were made during a Friday sermon that he delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and was posted on Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa on YouTube on February 5, 2021. He said that French authorities have closed down over 30 mosques in France, and this is an affront first and foremost against the religion of Islam. Sheikh Sabri added that while the leaders of Islamic countries remained silent facing the French crackdown on Islam, the Arab and Muslim nations "have shown their anger [out of zeal] for their faith" and boycotted French goods and he salutes them for this. For more about Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 3440, 678, 564, and 61.

Ekrima Sabri: "The first issue I would like to address is France's blatant hostility towards Islam. This week, one malicious French person burned a copy of the Holy Quran in public, in a city in Eastern France. However, this malicious French person was not questioned or punished. The French government has shut down more than 30 mosques under the pretext of [stopping] calls for terrorism and violence. We see these unjust measures as restrictions that target Islam itself rather than just French Muslims.

"In addition, the French president had delivered several frantic declarations, and did not apologize for this. Furthermore, the French Minister of Interior has boasted lately about his hostility towards Islam. All of this [has happened] because they did not encounter a firm stance, unfortunately, on the part of the Arab and Muslim kings and leaders, that would make the French president withdraw his stance.

"As for Arab and Muslim nations, they were up in arms in support of their dear Prophet Muhammad. They have shown their anger [out of zeal] for their faith, and boycotted French merchandise and products. I salute them from the pulpit of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I salute the Arab and Muslim people."

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