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Nov 30, 2013
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Egyptians Demonstrate with Bananas, Demanding to Expel the Qatari Ambassador

#4066 | 03:00
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from footage of a demonstration opposite Qatar embassy in Cairo, which was posted on the Internet, on November 30, 2013:

Demonstrator, leading the chants: Sheikha Moza [wife of former Qatari Emir]...

Demonstrators: Sheikha Moza, Sheikha Moza...

Demonstrator: Egypt will always remain protected.

Karim Imam, The Egyptian People's Will Front: This moza ["banana"] represents Moza, who supports terrorism in Egypt. She finances Al-Jazeera TV, which spreads lies and untruths about Egypt, and distorts the image of the army and the security forces. It is the army and the security forces that are protecting this embassy, and are standing here opposite the demonstrators. We are not destroying anything. We have just one demand: to close this embassy and expel the ambassador.

We, the Egyptians, do not want anyone interfering in our affairs. Qatar is nothing but two tents and a palm tree, or two sofas and a palm tree. We hereby declare, on behalf of the revolutionary youth, of the entire Egyptian people, and of the Egyptian People's Will Front: We demand that the Qatari ambassador be expelled and the embassy be closed. This banana represents Moza. That is what we think she's worth. She's nothing but a little banana, which any little boy can peel, eat, throw away, and step on with his shoe.

Demonstrators: Oh ambassador of the State of Moza, get out, we don't want you.


Demonstrators: From Aswan to Alexandria – Qatar is a terrorist state.


Demonstrators: Come on, Sisi, don't let the Muslim Brotherhood feel safe.


Demonstrator Karim Kamal: I oppose any interference in Egypt's internal affairs. A state like Qatar, which was established on the basis of coups, cannot possibly call what happened in Egypt a "coup." We've come here today to say: "This is a popular revolution, and we don't want you here. You are just like Turkey or any other country that meddles in Egypt's affairs. We do not want you in our country, because you are the main financiers of terrorism, and you spark civil strife in the Middle East."

Demonstrator Nadia Al-Fazali: We don't want the Qatari ambassador, and we say to him: Get lost!

Oh ambassador, get lost! Let our country see the light!


Demonstrators: Get out! Get out! Get out!


Demonstrators burn the Qatari flag

Long live Egypt. Long live Egypt.

Long live Egypt. Long live Egypt.


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