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Nov 26, 2020
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Egyptian Writer Adel Noman: Islamic Extremism Stems Directly From Our Religious Heritage; Macron Should Deal With Islamic Extremism With Resolve, Expel Islamists Who Challenge France's Civil Liberties System

#8507 | 03:35
Source: Tahrir/Ten TV (Egypt)

Egyptian writer Adel Noman said in a November 26, 2020 interview on Ten TV (Egypt) that Islamic extremism stems directly from the books of Islamic heritage. He specified that this includes the extremism of ISIS, of the people who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015, and of the terrorist who recently murdered an elderly woman in a church in Nice, France, which he said has been turned into a Salafi state comparable to Tora Bora or Peshawar. Noman said that man-made laws must be used to properly regulate life, and he argued that this is impossible if people remain "captive" to what religious jurists said 1,400 years ago. He elaborated that people should address their problems to experts, such as doctors and scientists, rather than to religious clerics.

In addition, Noman criticized Muslims who have gone to great lengths to emigrate to the West only to turn against the Western "infidels." Furthermore, Noman said that French President Emmanuel Macron should deal with Islamic extremism with force and resolve by expelling people who transgress against France's secular republican system and by taking control of Islamic schools that teach extremism. See MEMRI TV Clip No. 7854 for more about Adel Noman.

Adel Noman: "What has been done in the past 40 years stems from our books of heritage. I say this loud and clear. Our books of heritage are the only reason ISIS has murdered and burned people. Our books of heritage are the only reason ISIS has sold Yazidi boys and girls. They have attacked women and forced them to have sex out of wedlock only because of our books of heritage. These books are the only reason they killed 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in 2015. These books are the only reason that [a terrorist] entered a church in Nice and slaughtered a 70-year-old woman.


"When the divine revelation that had connected Heaven and Earth ended, the human mind and the ability to think and discern things took its place. Otherwise, every 10 years people would require a prophet who would revitalize their lives and keep them connected to Heaven. Since divine revelation was cut off from the land 1,400 years ago, it has been replaced by the human mind.

"Economy is run by economists, politics by politicians, sociology by sociologists, criminology by criminologists, and so on. But if I am held captive by what the jurists said 1,400 years ago and more, it won't work.


"There cannot be any success in economy, in politics, or in anything without a complete separation between religion and the political rule. There should be a man-made law to regulate life properly. The religious rites should remain unharmed in mosques and churches. But when it comes to people's lives, questions must not be addressed to clerics. The question must be addressed to the scientists. If I have a medical problem, I ask a doctor. For engineering problems, I have engineers, for economic problems, I have economists.


"If you don't like this [Western] country, go back to the caliphate, and leave this infidel country to the infidels. It is inconceivable that you travel, climb over [borders] in order to get there, and cross rivers and oceans where you might even die, and stand for three or four days in front of the embassy to get a visa, and then you go [to the West], where they take you in, feed you, and protect you from the wrath of the rulers in your own country... And after all that, you turn against them and start calling them 'apes and pigs'? I used to see this when I was in America.


"Macron should deal with this with resolve and with force. If anyone transgresses the republican system of the secular state there, Macron should expel him from the country like he said he would. He should take control of the Islamic schools that teach the children there to be extremists.


"France's backbone is the system of civil liberties, which is threatened by that movement. That movement is occupying Nice. It has turned Nice into a Salafi state par excellence. They have infiltrated one after the other, until they established a state inside Nice. The great and beautiful city of Nice has been occupied by the Salafis. It has gotten to the point that women who wear short or revealing clothes are being persecuted. They have turned Nice into Tora Bora or Peshawar."

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