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Oct 06, 2020
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Egyptian War Veteran Shows Off Blood-Stained IDF Uniform He Took As A Souvenir From Israeli Soldiers Killed In 1973 War; TV Host: We Crushed Them In The War

#8381 | 02:38
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

On October 6, 2020, Sada Al-Balad TV (Egypt) aired a show about the 1973 war with Israel. Former Egyptian soldier Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Badri said that the Egyptian soldiers had killed many Israeli soldiers, and that he personally had been ready to tear into the Israeli enemy with his teeth. He said that killing the Israeli soldier was revenge for what Israel had done to Egypt in 1967 and he described how he would stab dead Israeli soldiers with his bayonet. Mustafa Muhammad, another Egyptian who had fought in the Yom Kippur War, pulled out a pair of blood-stained Israeli military fatigue pants to "show off." He said that he had found the pants in a destroyed vehicle with seven dead Israeli soldiers in it, and he joked about how he had once worn the pants on a vacation.

Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Badri: "We killed many of them. Indeed, we killed many."

Host: "Many Israelis..."

Al-Badri: "Yes, we killed many of them. The commandos are usually trained in guerrilla warfare and close-quarters combat."

Host: "So, you did what you were trained to do."

Al-Badri: "Yes..."

Host: "And you say that you killed many..."

Al-Badri: "We had been yearning for this day for a long time."

Host: "All of your training was for this day."

A-Badri: "Yes, in order to get to this..."

Host: "You wanted to unload what had been accumulating inside of you."

Al-Badri: "Yes."

Host: "And this is what you did."

Al-Badri: "Yes, of course. Because of the war..."

Host: "When you killed an enemy [soldier], right in front of you, what did you feel?"

Al-Badri: "I was ready to tear him apart with my teeth."

Host: "Because he occupied your land..."

Al-Badri: "Even after I killed him, I would stab him with my weapon's bayonet. It was revenge..."

Host: "For what they did to us."

Al-Badri: "It was revenge for what they did to us and for the martyrs of 1967."


Mustafa Muhammad: "In 1967, Israel said that the vultures and the crows were feasting on the bodies of the Egyptian [soldiers]."

Host: "The vultures and the crows were feasting on the bodies of our martyrs..."

Muhammad: "I want to show you the difference between us and them. We found a ruined car, and underneath it, three Jews were hiding. We killed them, and then we buried them. We buried them! This is the difference between Egyptians and Israelis."

Host: "We didn't leave them lying there."

Muhammad: "No, we buried them.


"I took from one of them...

Host: "Yes, show me. It's all interesting."

Muhammad: "These are Israeli [army] pants."

Host: "Overalls?"

Muhammad: "Pants... Unfortunately, this is the only thing I managed to hold on to. There are also blood stains here..."

Host: "You undressed him?"

Muhammad: "What? No... It was in the car... [I took it from] an armored car, there were seven dead [Israelis in it.]"

Host: "Show me..."

Muhammad: "Here you go, sir."

Host: "Show me the pants."

Muhammad: "I wore it when I went on vacation."

Host: "You wore it on vacation?"

Muhammad: "Yes, I shortened it a bit. I wanted to show off these Israeli pants."

Host: "Lift it up and show it to the camera. From the beginning of the show I have been saying that we crushed them."

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