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Jul 09, 2014
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Egyptian TV Hosts Criticize Hamas Leaders: We Are Sick and Tired of You

#4344 | 05:16
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)Al-Nahar TV (Egypt)Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)Al-Tahrir TV (Egypt)

Following is a compilation of statements by various hosts of Egyptian TV shows harshly criticizing Hamas; the shows which aired July 9-12, 2014:

Al-Nahar TV, July 9, 2014

Talk show host Khaled Salah: We want to stand by [the Palestinians], but we don't want to pay a price for this. Our hospitals will receive their [wounded], and the Rafah crossing is expected to be opened for humanitarian needs. The position of our Foreign Ministry is very clear in favor of convening the U.N. Security Council in order to discuss the Israeli aggression against our people in Gaza. Our people there are one thing, and the Hamas movement is another.

But our people n Gaza must come to the realization that such idiotic decision-making pertaining to religion and politics forces the Gaza Strip and its people, as well as the entire Arab Nation in its entirety, to pay a very steep price in fragmentation, in humiliation, in martyrs and, unfortunately, in blood - shed in vain, with no prospects for victory.

We pray for Allah to bestow upon the Hamas leaders a bit of common sense, so they will get a grasp of the map of the region, and of the degree to which the Arab nation is fragmented. Unfortunately, it was they and their ilk in other Arab countries who caused this fragmentation.


Sada Al-Balad TV, July 12, 2014

Talk show host Ahmad Musa: Khaled Mash'al is waging Jihad from Qatar, along with his brother, Al-Qaradhawi. Guess the number of Israeli casualties. Give me your best guess. Who wants to say 200? Who says 400? Who says 5? The grand total of Israeli casualties in the past few days is four: Three yesterday at a gas station, and another one I don't know where. That's it. So what's next? What is the solution?


Khaled Mash'al commented a couple of days ago about the Egyptian army…

An image of Khaled Mash'al exercising at a gym

You can see how Khaled is waging Jihad in Qatar.

Image of Mash'al eating a lavish meal

This is brother Khaled Mash'al's version of Jihad. Khaled, the Jihad is in Gaza…

Image of Mash'al watching TV

Or, of course, he is watching their TV channel. This is the Jihad of Khaled Mash'al and his comrades, the honorable and great mujahideen. As they wage this sort of Jihad, they abandon the people to get killed. If you were a real man, you would be back in Gaza first thing tomorrow morning.

You should take the first flight tomorrow morning. We will let you in. Come to Egypt, and we will open the Rafah crossing for you. We will let you in, safe and sound, to the other side of the Rafah crossing. Your Palestinian brothers will welcome you, and you will go hide underground with your brother, what's his name… Ismail Haniya.


Image of Ismail Haniya playing soccer

When his weight still enabled him to run, Ismail used to play soccer. You can see how he plays with the ball, Allah be praised…

Image of Haniya sitting next to a blond young woman

This is his Jihad, Allah be praised… This is the greatest Jihad performed by Isamil Haniya and his brothers in Hamas.


Why do you, in the Al-Qassam Brigades, [hide] among civilians? Why do you use people's homes? You should keep your hideouts away from people's homes. You know full well that when you launch a missile form a home, a missile will land on that home within one minute. You are bringing another nakba upon your people.


Al-Mihwar TV, July 11, 2014

Talk show host Mohamed Mustafa Sherdy: None of them apologized for the thousand tunnels they had dug, and through which they smuggle all of Egypt's wealth [into Gaza]. None of them said a word, because they are all on the take. All of them! They are all being paid off for their statements. They are all on the take. They all fly luxurious planes, and keep Swiss bank accounts.


Al-Tahrir TV, July 12, 2014

Talk show host Mazher Shahin: Just like we died in the past in defense of the Palestinian cause, we are ready to die today in defense of the Palestinian cause – but we are not ready to die in defense of Hamas. Not a single drop of blood will be shed… Sorry, a drop of blood is too precious… We are not prepared to sacrifice even a single hair from the eyebrow of an Egyptian soldier or civilian, for the sake of Hamas and all the people who wage Jihad, while indulging themselves in all kinds of dishes at the swimming pool.


We are afflicted with a bunch of people who pretend to be Muslims, but do not understand anything, or else, they think people are stupid. They goad people into fighting, terrorism, and violence, under the pretext of "Jihad," while they themselves sit at a hotel, a swimming pool, or a nudist beach, eating a variety of dishes, marrying four wives, and driving the latest model luxury cars. What is this?! What kind of men are you?

You know where the border between Israel and Palestine is. If there is a real man among you, I am willing to drive him in my own car and at my own expense to the Gaza border. I will drop him there and say: "Go. May God be with you. Gaza is there. Jihad awaits you. Go in and show us you're a real man."


You are a bunch of liars. We don't believe you anymore. People are revolted by you. Get lost. You make us nauseous. The whole world goes to hell because of you.

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