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Oct 11, 2015
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Egyptian TV Host Uses Stones, Daggers in Studio to Show Solidarity with Palestinians

#5104 | 03:11
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Gaber Al-Karmoty brought a selection of stones, slingshots, and knives to the studio on October 11 in order to show solidarity with the Palestinian youth. Holding up a selection of knives, Al-Karmoty said that these were "simple means" used by Palestinian youth for self-defense. The show aired on the Egyptian ON TV channel on October 11, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Karmoty is donning a keffiyeh that is covering his face

Gaber Al-Karmoty: The least we can do to show our total solidarity with the Palestinian youth, who are defending their land, their honor, and their existence, is to show this little demonstration we have here. If we could, we would bring Kalashnikovs, missiles, and tanks, and set out from the TV studio with them, but the very simple means to which the Palestinian youth are restricted are stones, like the ones you can see. They have a very short range, which does not exceed 20 or 30 meters, or maybe 50 or 100 meters… I don't believe it's any more than that.

The youth also use slingshots. Each one has his slingshot, which he uses like this. These are the only means at the disposal of the Palestinians. That's the most you can do with a slingshot. That's the most we can do within this framework. That's the slingshot. That's it. That's the maximum. That's the range they can reach. Even if the stone hits one of those Israeli terrorists in the head, it won't even injure him. It'll just bruise him a little. But the [Israeli] claim that these simple means are terrorist means.


Then there's this. A little knife. It's a tiny knife, as you can see, which Palestinians sometimes use for self-defense. Sometimes he puts it in his pocket. I say "sometimes," because not all Palestinians do this. Most of the youth use only stones and slingshots, as I told you. I've got here a knife that's a little bigger. Same story. he can put it in his pocket. It's a mere kitchen knife. I've got another knife, which is slightly bigger. Just imagine, these three knives… The Palestinian youth use these three knives, which you see here – we use them at home to chop vegetables, and so on… One is for meat, one is for vegetables… They take them from their homes for self-defense, and the Israeli newspapers talk about "knife terror."


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