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Nov 08, 2016
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Egyptian TV Host Tamer Amin: At Least Trump Says He's an Enemy to Your Face, Democrats Wear One Million Masks

#5744 | 03:00
Source: Al-Hayat (Egypt)

Egyptian TV Host Tamer Amin said that he was happy that Donald Trump had won the U.S. presidential elections. Amin said that he couldn't stand Obama's policies in the Middle East, and accused Hillary Clinton of founding and financing ISIS. He further said that Republicans tell the truth to your face, while Democrats have "70 faces and one million masks." Amin concluded by saying that "we congratulate ourselves that we will get to see the First Lady Trump, as well as his daughter, who is truly a sight for sore eyes." The show aired on the Egyptian Al-Hayat TV on November 9.


Tamer Amin: "Finally, let me tell you why I am happy that Trump has won the elections. If you ask whether I am really happy by the victory of a person whom Western and American media describe as 'crazy,' the answer is 'yes.' First of all, because I cannot stand the administration of Barack Obama, and the policies with which it has intimidated us for eight years. That's the first thing. I want something new. Secondly, with all due humility, I know full well who Hillary Clinton is. Hillary Clinton, dear sirs, is the engineer of all the darkness that has taken over the Middle East in the past 20 years. She engineered the 'constructive anarchy,' along with sister Condoleezza Rice - one was white and one was black, and together they destroyed our world. She is the engineer of ISIS - she created ISIS, raised ISIS, and she is currently financing ISIS. Hillary Clinton was the engineer of all the policies and conspiracies hatched by the American intelligence agencies against us in the Middle East. That is why I'm telling you that in my view, Trump is much better.






"Donald Trump has a feature that characterizes all the Republicans. Perhaps their policy is very hostile, but at least they say it to your face. I can respect my enemy if he says: 'I am your enemy and I will do x, y, z.' In such a case, I say to him: Much obliged. I will fight you in the battlefield - sword for sword and knight for knight. But the Democrats, I'm sorry to say, wear a nice mask. Bill Clinton is one example, as is Obama, and I don't know who was the Democrat before him who used to smile all the time, and kept hitting us under the belt all the same. The Republicans are not like that. Trump is similar to George W. Bush. Bush Jr. was reckless and stupid, but when he said something he meant it. As for the Democrats, they have 70 faces and one million masks.






"We should congratulate Mr. Donald Trump, and we should congratulate the American people for its shocking decision. We should congratulate, from the very bottom of our heart, the [new] First Lady of the United States of America. We must tell the truth. We are very happy. This is another reason why I'm happy that Trump won - that First Lady is going to be with us for four years. We congratulate Trump and we congratulate ourselves that we will get to see the First Lady Trump, as well as his daughter, who is truly a sight for sore eyes. The White House is going to be full of light. I really wanted to show you pictures of this First Lady and of Trump's daughter, but I guess you already saw them on social media, and enjoyed them very much. May God bless you, Trump."


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