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Nov 10, 2010
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Egyptian TV Host Tamer Amin: I Support Iran and Egypt Obtaining Nuclear Weapons Because "There Must Be Some Scarecrow to Frighten" Israel

#2700 | 02:40
Source: LBC (Lebanon)Al-Ekhbariya (Saudi Arabia)

Following is an interview with Egyptian TV host Tamer Amin, which aired on LBC TV on November 10, 2010:

Interviewer: Are you for or against revoking the Egyptian citizenship of Egyptian men who marry Israeli women?

Amin Taher: Everything should be taken from them, not just their citizenship.


Interviewer: Are you for or against the government outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood?

Tamer Amin: I support it.

Interviewer: You said, in an interview with the Al-Dustour newspaper, that you are not allowed to host members of the Muslim Brotherhood. In a TV interview, you said that you oppose the Muslim Brotherhood and Kefaya, but you are not against the opposition. The way I see it, the Muslim Brotherhood and Kefaya are two important components of the opposition.

Tamer Amin: I did not say that I was forbidden to host them. It is the Muslim Brotherhood members who are not allowed to appear on TV. It is not that I personally am not allowed to host them. No show on Egyptian TV would host them, because the Egyptian TV considers them to be an illegal organization. I have a problem with the Muslim Brotherhood and Kefaya because they are illegal organizations.


Interviewer: Are you for or against granting full rights to homosexuals – like the right to come out of the closet, the right to marry, the right to adopt children, the right to live?

Tamer Amin: All their rights should be shattered to pieces.

Interviewer: Are you for or against the ban on the niqab in universities and governmental departments?

Tamer Amin: I support the ban on the niqab.

Interviewer: Why?

Tamer Amin: For security reasons. I need to know who is facing me. It might be someone in disguise.


Interviewer: Are you for or against Egypt obtaining nuclear weapons?

Tamer Amin: I'm very much for it.

Interviewer: Why?

Tamer Amin: As a deterrent. I support Egypt's policy of turning the Middle East into a nuclear-free zone. But if a country like Israel has nuclear weapons, it has a deterrent, and all of us Arabs are afraid of it.

Interviewer: So you support the Iranian weapons as well?

Tamer Amin: Of course. Israel must fear something. There must be some scarecrow to frighten it.


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