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Nov 01, 2014
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Egyptian TV Host Supports Prison Sentence for Homosexuals

#4580 | 02:37
Source: Rotana Egypt TV (Saudi Arabia)

Egyptian TV host Tamer Amin recently came out in favor of prison sentences for homosexuals who openly declare their "depravity." Referring to the recent imprisonment of Egyptian men who appeared in a purported gay marriage video on the social media, Amin said: "I supported this campaign in order to defend morality and life in our society." He made his statements on a November 1 show on Rotana Egypt TV.

Following are excerpts from statements by Egyptian TV host Tamer Amin, which aired on Rotana Egypt TV on November 1, 2014:

Tamer Amin: We are all sinners. We all make mistakes and commit sins. However, the best among sinners are those who repent, and ultimately, we will all face our Lord. The issue is not whether I make a mistake. The catastrophe is when someone boasts in public about his mistakes, his depravity, his obscenity, or the sin that he commits. This is what I am concerned about.

I don't care if so-and-so drinks alcohol. I don't care if he fornicates. If he steals… In this case, I do care. If I know who it is, I must expose him. If so-and-so makes a mistake on his own, in private, I leave it to Allah to reckon with him. I, Tamer, don't care. I do care that he boats about his depravity in public.

If he appears on TV, and says that drinking alcohol is good, for example, this is unacceptable. This constitutes encouragement of depravity. Now he has to deal with society and the law. This holds true for the prison sentences handed down against the young men who appeared in the video of the homosexual wedding.

I broke this story and aired the video posted on the social media. I supported this campaign, in order to defend morality and life in our society.


Today, the [homosexuals] were sentenced to three years in prison, and three additional years on probation. This sentence is the epitome of justice. They were sentenced to three years imprisonment, and once they are released, the government will keep tabs on them for another three years, in order to monitor their behavior. If they do it again – we will do this again. If the resume this behavior, they will face interrogation and prosecution. If they learn their lesson and are deterred now, that will be the end of it.


Some believe that liberties mean the freedom to do whatever you want. It is time to correct this notion. People should learn that freedom is constrained. There is no such thing as absolute freedom.


The state and the law had to intervene in order to create deterrence: Whoever steps out of line will be punished.


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