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Aug 26, 2018
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Egyptian TV Host Sayyed Ali: John McCain Orchestrated Terror and Chaos; The World Will Be Much Better Off without Him

#6731 | 01:55
Source: Alhadath Alyoum TV (Egypt)

In an Alhadath Alyoum TV broadcast on August 26, Egyptian TV host Sayyed Ali referred to the recently deceased Senator John McCain as a terrorist and "orchestrator of chaos." He accused McCain of orchestrating the revolutions in Syria and in Egypt, and of supporting and training terrorist groups. He also said that McCain had supported the Muslim Brotherhood with the goal of realizing "Israel's dreams of becoming a religious state." A banner during the segment read: "John McCain, Enemy of the Arabs, Dies at the Age of 82."

The following are excerpts:


Egyptian TV Host Sayyed Ali: Let us begin with the engineer of terrorism and chaos in the Middle East, John McCain. That man, John McCain, orchestrated the revolution against Syria, and provided material support and training to the terrorist groups, in order to spread chaos. He was the number one friend of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the orchestrator of the January [2011] chaos. He is the enemy of the West and the executor of the Zionist plan.




He represented the most extreme of the American right, and he believed that if the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt, all of Israel's dreams of becoming a religious state would come true, and the Egyptian army would be destroyed, like the Iraqi and Syrian armies had been, and thus, Israel would be able to take over the entire region.




As Muslims, we do not gloat when someone dies, but he is now facing the Lord, who is holding him accountable for all the havoc he wreaked. That man's history, from the cradle to the grave, was one of terrorism. That man went to Vietnam and bombed the wretched Vietnamese. I'll tell you about Vietnam a little later. His entire history was bloody. He was the engineer who planned the destruction of Iraq.




That terrorist who passed away yesterday…  I believe that the world will be much, much better off, with McCain gone.



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