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Mar 03, 2016
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Egyptian TV Host Questions the Number of Jews Killed in the Holocaust: The Jews Exploited This Story

#5441 | 03:01
Source: Egypt Ch.2

Egyptian TV host Hazem Abu Al-Saoud raised doubts about the Holocaust in his Channel 2 show. Abu Al-Saoud said that the number of Jews in all of Europe at the time had been 6.5 million. "How is it possible that six out of 6.5 million were subject to the Holocaust?" he asked, adding that Russian Gypsies had been killed in similar or worse methods. The show aired on March 4, 2016.


Following are excerpts



Hazem Abu Al-Saoud: Over the years, the Israelis have managed to lay down "pipes" - so to speak - from Tel Aviv to Germany, and they use them to suck whatever they want from the Germans, under the title of "reparations" for Nazism. The term "Holocaust" refers to... In short, this is a kind of... There is a linguistic definition, but I shall simplify it for you... The number of Jews (killed) is disputed.



The Jews say that six million Jews were subject to the Nazi Holocaust, at the hand of Adolf Hitler, but according to the historical figures, there was a total of 6.5 million Jews in Europe at the time. As we know, the entire population of Jews living in Israel today numbers six million. Logically speaking, how is it possible that six million Jews, out of the 6.5 million Jews living in Europe at the time, were subject to the Holocaust, while millions of Jews left Europe, fleeing the Nazis?



Was there a genocide of the Jews? Undoubtedly, there was. But did this genocide apply only to the Jews? Of course not. The Jews were just one group. The Nazis were against minorities: the homosexuals, the Gypsies, the Jews, and various other groups. How many Russian Gypsies were killed by the Nazis, in similar or worse methods They were placed inside trucks and killed by lethal gas. Then their bodies would be disposed of in the cheapest possible way. They would bury them in mass graves. Indeed, it was harsh.



Who exploited this story? The Jews. They managed to exploit this story and to blow it out of proportion. For decades, the Israeli economy has been based on two things: American aid and German support.





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