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Apr 09, 2017
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Egyptian TV Host Osama Mounir: We Must Stop Lying to Ourselves and Reform Our Education System

#5985 | 00:54
Source: CBC TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Osama Mounir said that Al-Azhar, rather than issue condemnations and send condolences, should reform the curricula that produces these terror attacks. Mounir, speaking on CBC TV on April 9, added that the government should act rather than "hope" for things to get better.


Osama Mounir: We should stop lying to ourselves, saying [after terror attacks] things like: "painful incident," "we all support each other," and "we are all as one." And then all the TV and radio channels start playing national and religious songs... We are kidding ourselves.

We are not being honest. When the Al-Azhar institution condemns [the bombings] and sends its condolences - before you do that, reform your curricula, which produces these terror attacks. When the PM says: "I hope that these things will come to an end..." Mr. Prime Minister, hopes are not enough, sir.



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