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May 15, 2017
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TV Host Amr Adib Slams Egyptians: Stop Multiplying!

#6086 | 02:02
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

TV host Amr Adib criticized the lack of awareness among the Egyptian public on the need to use contraceptives and said that the state does little to fix the problem. "Why do you keep multiplying?" he asked incredulously, talking about the financial consequences of multiple births for the family. Adib was speaking on his daily ON TV show on May 15.


Amr Adib: Why have [another child]? Why don’t you use birth control pills? I am serious. I have to be the one to say this, because there are no ads about contraceptive pills. By the way, there is a shortage of contraceptives on the market. No official cares about fixing this. And then people complain about population growth. The state handles this issue in a very civilized manner: People, don’t do it… It’s a shame… A shame?! Suffer the consequences.




I am talking about reason, not about religion. Is raising two children the same as raising three, four, five, or six children? I was talking to an educated woman from a good family, and so on. I asked her how many children she has, and she said “five.” So how do you plan to manage it?




Why do you keep multiplying? Why would a woman want to give birth all the time? Why do the men do this to themselves? I want to understand the logic behind it. You can barely put food on the table for two or three children. How much do shoes cost these days? You buy your kid a shoe, and the next day, it is ruined. How much do you spend on new clothes for the holidays? How many slices of bread do these children eat? How much do education and private lessons cost? How much does a wedding cost? From where will you bring the money?!



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