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Dec 05, 2015
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Egyptian TV Host on California Terror Attack: Americans Should Stick Obama on an Impalement Rod

#5199 | 02:48
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Ahmed Moussa said, in response to the December 2 San Bernardino terror attack, that he suspected that U.S. President Obama was "connected to the terrorists who carried out the attack," and added: "They should take Obama and stick him on an impalement rod. This is what they would do in a respectful country."

Following are excerpts from Moussa's address, which aired on the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel on December 5, 2015.

Ahmad Moussa: You should beware not to raise a lion, or it will devour you. You should never think that… It was America that raised and funded terrorism. We've said to them a hundred times, a million times, and we are still saying: America will pay the price in a way it cannot even imagine. Obama the liar, the ally of the terrorists... I call him a liar. He's a liar! He is the ally of the terrorists. This Obama deserves to stand trial. If the American people…

By the way, the American people is our friend. We are not against the American people, who are very respectful. They love Egypt very much. They teach Egyptian Pharaonic history in their schools. We have no problem whatsoever with the American people. But I would like the Congress to send Obama to the guillotine, because three days before the [San Bernardino] terror attack… The attack was on Wednesday. On Tuesday or on Monday, he appeared and lied, like he always does, that liar. All the allies of terrorism are liars. He said: "There is no threat to American citizens." It is as if he was trying to cover…

Today, I suspect that Obama is connected to the terrorists who carried out the attack. When he says something like this, he numbs the security agencies, the military, and the intelligence agencies.


If this had happened in a respectful country, Obama would have been placed on trial. The U.S. Congress should ask: How come you said that according to your information, no terrorist attack was imminent? [Obama said]: Our intelligence agencies have no information or real threats against citizens on our soil. Less than 72 hours later, a terror attack took place. Yes, today you concluded that it was [terrorism], on the basis of information and surveillance. What is the worthy punishment? He should be sat on impalement rod. This what they would do in a respectful country.


If Obama had any courage and dignity – which he has not – he would have said: I resign today to face trial. That is how it is done in respectful countries.


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