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Nov 12, 2016
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Egyptian TV Host Amr Adib: Trump Understands Nothing but Power, Cares about U.S. Interests

#5754 | 03:16
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Amr Adib warned Egyptians not to pin their hopes on President-elect Trump, saying that "nobody will resolve our problems but ourselves." Trump, he said, "understands nothing but power." "If you try another language, he will eat you alive," he said. Speaking on the Egyptian ON TV channel on November 12, Adib warned that Trump had "talked for hours about Israel and the Jews," while devoting "four minutes, maybe five," to Egypt and the Muslims, and that if he thinks it is in his interests, he will meet with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the White House.

Amr Adib: "I would like to say to all our Egyptian brothers who are happy and rejoicing, as if Trump were a member of their family: Remember when Obama stood in Cairo University? He said peace would prevail in the Middle East, and the first thing he said was: 'Assalaam alaykum.' From that day, the Arab world was razed to the ground. Never believe them! There it is. Do you remember that speech? Don't you dare say: 'Trump is coming, good for you, Egypt!' Don't you dare!


"Why don't we learn from the past? We should learn that countries act in accordance with their interests. By the way, Trump won't love you unless it serves his interests.


"People ask about the nature of the relationships between Sisi and Donald Trump. There are relations and Trump was impressed by our president when they met. But the good impression and the chemistry will never last, unless we are strong and unless he thinks that we are important to him.


"Don't rejoice and think that he is going to resolve our problems. Nobody will resolve our problems but ourselves. We have to be strong, to excel, to be ingenious and productive. Donald Trump will not help us. We will not succeed just because Clinton lost. We will succeed by ourselves. That is the only true success. I cannot understand the Egyptian people who stayed up all night to celebrate Trump's victory. What are we going to do? How can we make Trump respect us?


"Power. This man understands nothing but power. We have to be strong and productive. We have to reduce our trade deficit. We have to fix our balance of payments. Our people should be united behind the leadership, and our armed forces must be strong. This is the only language that he understands. If you try another language, he will eat you alive. He will trample over you. Do you think he can trample over Israel? Never. Can he touch Netanyahu? Not a chance! Last year, Netanyahu went to speak in the US Congress and didn't go to see Obama. He was in Washington D.C., but he told Obama that he was not going to meet him. Not this time, I'm busy. Maybe next time. These people understand only the language of power.


"This man talked for hours about Israel and the Jews, throughout his campaign. How much time did he devote to Egypt and the Muslims? Four minutes, maybe five. You can count them on your fingers. When we see that Egypt is mentioned in one single sentence, we rejoice. Well, thank you very much... 'Did you see how he talks about the Muslim Brotherhood?' 'He hit them on the head!' Tomorrow, if he thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood are important to him, he will meet with them in the White House."

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