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Feb 24, 2016
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Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zoghbi and TV Host in a Tirade: 99% of Shiites Born Out of Fornication, as Proven by Post-Speicher Massacre DNA Tests

#5383 | 02:35
Source: Safa TV (Saudi Arabia)

Egyptian Islamic Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zoghbi was provoked into an anti-Shiite tirade by a caller who asked whether 'Aisha, wife of the Prophet Muhammad, "used to breastfeed teenage boys." Sheikh Zoghbi referred to the caller as a "filthy dog" and added that Shiites believed in "the loaning of vaginas," pleasure marriage, and sodomy. TV host Muhammad Saber joined in by claiming that DNA tests conducted on the victims of the ISIS Camp Speicher massacre in Iraq could not establish any father-son link because "99% of the Shiites were born out of fornication." The show aired on the Saudi-Egyptian channel Safa TV on February 24, 2016.

Following are excerpts

"The martyrdom-seeker Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Mar'awi. May Allah accept him as a martyr."

Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Mar'awi: It was my brother who gave me advice about the Americans. He used to point at the Hummers and at the tanks and say: This is your way to Paradise. Strike them, blow them up.


I convinced myself that I should wage Jihad. I thought about waging Jihad with a weapon or using whatever, but I was not satisfied with that. The only thing that could satisfy me was sacrificing myself to Allah.


Al-Mar'awi climbs into an armored truck, holding a two-way radio in his hands

Voices in the background: What perseverance!

Abu Omar Al-Mar'awi: Right!

Man in the background: We ask Allah to accept you as a martyr.

Abu Omar Al-Mar'awi: Allah willing.

"The zealous Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Mar'awi heads toward the barracks of the Rafidite army."

"Keeping the apostates busy until the martyrdom-seeker reaches his target."

The truck drives away, as ISIS fighters are seen shooting at the enemy


ISIS fighters: Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!

A large explosion is seen on a hilltop across a valley

"Allah facilitated his way to the target, and dozens were annihilated thanks to him."


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