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May 19, 2011
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Egyptian Security Expert Rushdi Ghanem: Britain, the US, and Israel Are the Great Satan of the World, But the Great Satan of the Middle East Are Saudi Arabia and Qatar

#2963 | 02:03
Source: Al-Alam TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian security expert General [Ret.] Rushdi Ghanem, which aired on Al-Alam TV on May 19, 2011:

Rushdi Ghanem: Britain, I'm sad to say, is breeding, training, and hosting terrorists. They come to Britain as refugees, and it provides them all forms of protection. Saudi Arabia and Qatar provide the financing, and the US, Britain, and Israel, provide the training.

Therefore, Britain is in complete accord with all the terrorist organizations. Whenever a problem [a terror attack] occurs in Britain, it stems from faulty coordination between them. Al-Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations enjoy a life of comfort and respect in Britain.


Britain, the US, and their protégé, Israel, are the Great Satan of the world, but the Great Satan of the Middle East are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Jordanian intelligence services. Britain wanted to change its laws in order to please Israel and its criminals, who have killed and shed the blood of all the leaders of the Palestinian resistance. Britain is changing its laws in order to protect its terrorist friends.


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