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Sep 06, 2018
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Egyptian Researcher Mohamed Gad El-Zoghby: U.S. President Herzl Garnered Support for Zionist Enterprise

#6744 | 02:45
Source: Safa TV (Saudi Arabia)

Egyptian researcher Mohamed Gad El-Zoghby said that like in Europe, which had "founded the [Zionist] enterprise, in the days of Napoleon, in order to get rid of the Jews," the American people and government "could not tolerate the Jews." In an episode of a series called "Know Your Enemy," El-Zoghby said that only in the days of Herzl, the "powerful and popular president" who "led America during WWII" and was "the only president to serve three terms," did the interests of the American Jews and of the Zionist enterprise converge. He went on to say that Herzl had brought in "man of shadows" Truman, "a most simple man," as his VP because he did not want a VP who would rob him of his popularity. The interview with El-Zoghby aired on Safa TV on August 12, 2018.

The following are excerpts:



Mohamed Gad El-Zoghby: What was the original position of the U.S. on the plan to establish the Zionist state? The people and the government of the U.S. could not tolerate the Jews, just like Europe. When Europe founded the [Zionist] enterprise, in the days of Napoleon, it did so in order to get rid of the Jews. In America, however, things were different. Both on the governmental and popular levels, there was no gate they could open [to get rid of the Jews], because America is ruled by interests. The European immigration waves that founded America were based exclusively on an economic mentality. America today is more like a corporation than a state. It is completely ruled by economy, capital, and influence. It's a corporation. The main European immigration wave was from among the Anglo-Saxon race – the extremist Christians. They blame the Jews for the blood of Christ.

Interviewer: Right, the crucifixion.

Mohamed Gad El-Zoghby: The European Jews in America had opposed the Zionist enterprise until then, because they believe America, not Palestine, to be the Promised Land.




But when Herzl, the founder of the Zionist enterprise, realized the danger posed by the lack of support of the Jews of America, he communicated with them. After what happened in WWII and the rise of Hitler in order to annihilate the Jews, the interests converged. That's when the American Jews linked themselves to the Zionist enterprise. If this was on the governmental level, what can we say about the level of the presidents themselves? The most famous president accused of collaboration with the Jews was Truman. Truman succeeded Herzl [sic]. Herzl was a unique president. He was the only president to serve three terms, because he led America during WWII. He was elected at the time. Herzl was a very powerful and popular president.




Herzl did not want to have a powerful vice president, who would rob him of his popularity, so he brought the so-called "man of shadows," Truman, who was a most simple man. It's like when President Abdel Nasser selected Sadat.

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