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Feb 09, 2018
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Egyptian Professor of Israeli Studies Abd Al-Razzaq Suleiman: If Attacked, Israelis Threaten to Implement The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the Gentiles

#6452 | 03:19
Source: Channel 2 (Egypt)

Egyptian Professor of Israeli Studies Abd Al-Razzaq Suleiman said that Israeli and American research centers were targeting the Egyptians, and that “all the negative practices,” such as atheism, drugs, and single motherhood were premeditated. He said that in a study emerging from Israeli research centers, they threatened to implement The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the Gentiles, if they attack. The interview aired on Egypt’s Channel 2 TV on February 9.


Following is a transcript:

Abd Al-Razzaq Suleiman: All the arrows, all the recommendations, and, if I may use this word, all the poisons of the Israeli and American research centers target the Egyptians. All the negative practices disseminated in Egypt are intended to fight the Egyptians. When you hear about atheism, when you hear about drugs, when you hear about wives or girls who will become mothers in the context of bad practices, such as single women giving birth… All of this is premeditated. None of it is by chance.


As you know, [the Jews] claimed that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a distortion.

Host: Right.

Abd Al-Razzaq Suleiman: They said that it was alien to them, and was written in German, not Hebrew. In the most recent study to emerge from the Israeli research centers, they said that the Gentile countries – that is, everybody who is not Jewish, including America… They said: If the [Gentiles] attack us, we will implement The Protocols over them all.

Host: Well, The Protocols have been implemented. This is evident to anybody who reads it, even if only the concise version. The issues of spreading chaos, of pitting peoples one against the other, of spreading strife within a nation… They do it all to gain control, of course.

Abd Al-Razzaq Suleiman: Let me just complete the picture here. Resolution 10 of The Protocols states… It depicts the exact reality in which we find ourselves today, including America and Europe. “The relations between the governments and the peoples in all the countries must continue to be in turmoil, so that enmities continue…”

Host: Right, right. This is the Zionist policy of divide and conquer.

Abd Al-Razzaq Suleiman: “…wars and death, along with famine, poverty, and the spread of diseases. All of these must continue, until the Gentiles” – that is, the non-Jews – “find no way out of their troubles, other than succumbing to the protection of our wealth. This will give us complete control of the world.” This is an arms race…

Host: This also explains their control of the financial and business centers, the gold, and the international banks. The Jewish families are the richest in the world.


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