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Feb 29, 2012
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Egyptian Presidential Candidate Tawfiq Okasha: MEMRI's Success Is Not Due to Their Capabilities, But to Our Stupidity

#3354 | 12:54
Source: Al-Faraeen TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an address by Egyptian presidential candidate Tawfiq Okasha, which aired on Al-Faraeen TV on February 29, 2012.

Tawfiq Okasha: In Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and all the Arab countries, people should ask themselves why the following video was made. After the clip, we will return.

Footage of MEMRI translation of Okasha, from Al-Faraeen TV (February 9, 2012)

Tawfiq Okasha: Hitler's principle was that the best race must become master of the world, and must spread worldwide. Hitler established German Nazism on this, in order to rule and own the world. On the other hand, we find that this is precisely the same philosophy as that of the Israelites and the Jews, who say: We are the Semitic people, we are the best people in the world, and we must rule and own the world, because the Semites are the kings of the Earth and all that is upon it.


Hitler knew that the Jews upheld the same ideology. They shared the same ideology. Hitler believed that the Germans were the masters of the world, whereas the Jews believe that they are the masters of the world. Thus, a battle ensued – either the Jews would destroy Hitler, so that they would be able to continue pursuing their goal of ruling the world, or else Hitler would annihilate the Jews, and realize his own goal of ruling the world. This led the Jews to play a very important role in World War II, which brought about Hitler's defeat.

What all the intellectuals and all the people believe is that the reason for Hitler's defeat in World War II was that he moved his forces into Russia at a time of heavy snow. The temperature in Russia reached minus 7, 10, or 12 degrees Celsius, and the German soldiers and officers were not used to this climate. On the other hand, Hitler sent his forces to North Africa in June, July, and August, when the weather was very hot, and there too, his soldiers were unable to cope with the weather. People believe that these two fronts were the main reason for Hitler's defeat. That is what historians have written. But no. That is a mistake.

The truth is that a secret battle was conducted between Hitler and the Jews, and Hitler launched this battle with the Holocaust. All the Jews and all the historians say that Hitler burned the Jews in the Holocaust. Nope. Hitler gathered all the Jews that he could, and all the depraved people that he could… In other words, people who were unable to work – people with polio, people with special needs, and the elderly… He rounded them up and burned them. He said that they were non-productive and were a burden on the German economy, and therefore, let them enter the Holocaust.

The Jewish Holocaust was not only for the Jews, but for everybody who was "depraved," in Hitler's view. These included Muslims and Christians – everybody.


Hitler was defeated in World War II because the Jews conducted a clandestine battle against him, by planting one… Two of Hitler's advisors were working for the Jews. They were the ones who advised Hitler to mobilize his forces to Russia and to North Africa. Hence, the Jews managed to get close to Hitler, by means of his closest advisors.


See how long the Jews have been conspiring against the world? Since the end of World War II. They struck the Soviet Union, and it collapsed. They entered Eastern Europe through NGO's, under the pretext of promoting democracy, and so on. They divided all the countries. Yugoslavia was divided. In the Balkan countries, wars were waged and massacres carried out, and they conducted revolutions on rivers of blood, while claiming that this was non-violent, peaceful change. Get it? They conducted close to twenty bloody revolutions in order to achieve this goal. Why did Germany join all these NGO's? Because each party has its own interests. Germany is getting ready to rule the world once again.


I say this to the Jews: Brothers, do not lie to yourselves. You have played around with German demography as best you could, and you have managed to get the Germans to abhor marriage. This was in order to prevent births. But what is happening now in Germany? For the past five years exactly, marriages have sky-rocketed, and so has the birth rate in Germany today.


America, Israel, and the European Union are planning to destroy three institutions in Egypt with exceptional malice: the Egyptian general intelligence agency, the Egyptian armed forces, and the Egyptian military intelligence.


As of today, the war effort of the people has begun. This is essential. A war effort! People, we are waging battle against the greatest country in the world, and against the second greatest country in the world. America is the greatest country in the world, and Germany is the second greatest country economically. We are fighting two superpowers. There are eight great industrialized countries in the world, and we are fighting two of them. We are currently at war with two of them – an official, declared war. The movement of the armed forces today means a real war, but worse is still to come.


Either the country is wide open, with holes like sieve, or else they call us enemies of democracy. What's that supposed to mean? That's what is written in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


This is a fierce and bitter battle, which began without any shooting, but will end with shooting. I say this here and now. The Egyptian army will open fire on the armies of the enemies. While you are talking to me right now, the battle with tanks, cannons, and airplanes is near.

Interviewer: I said at the beginning of the show that the war that Egypt is undergoing is not a war of shooting, of missiles, and so on. When will Egypt wage such a war?

Tawfiq Okasha: Within three months. Armed war will begin within three months.


End of footage

Tawfiq Okasha (in studio): Did you pay attention to what was said? Do you remember the documents I presented yesterday about World War III? I didn't invent this. I took it from American TV. An American political analyst said the exact same things on his show on American TV.

Do you know that everything I say is taken to the Media Research Institute... The American Middle East Media Research Institute - MEMRI... The truth is that this institute was founded by the Jewish American AIPAC, and it has offices here in Egypt, in Jordan, and in Qatar, at the heart of the building of the Al-Jazeera Network. It has other offices - in Cairo, in Jordan, in Qatar, in Jerusalem, and in Morocco. From these offices they monitor everything that is said about our Jewish brothers - or rather, our Jewish cousins - in any media channel and on any show.

As for me, I get special coverage. In other words, everything that you are watching, everything I am saying, is recorded and monitored by them.

This is very peculiar, to tell you the truth. The dialogue between us continues uninterrupted. There might be periods of time when we grow apart. People may ask me why. It would be pointless for me to cut off my dialogue with them, because if I did, I would not be able to figure out their schemes.

They had great success in a very serious matter, but their success is not due to their capabilities. They are no Valentino. They are no superhero. Their success is due to our stupidity.


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