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Nov 24, 2019
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Egyptian Preacher Sheikh Iyhab Bayan: The Jews Deserved to Be Transformed into Apes and Pigs

#7652 | 02:03
Source: Online Platforms

Egyptian preacher Sheikh Iyhab Bayan said in a Friday sermon in Kamshish, Egypt that was uploaded to the Internet on November 24, 2019 that the Jews are so treacherous that their treachery could be discussed forever. He said that the Jews have a twisted mentality, that they slayed Allah’s prophets, that they are the worst sinners among Allah’s creatures, and that the Quran’s description of them as people who incurred the wrath of Allah is accurate. Referring to a Quranic story in which Jews were transformed into apes and pigs, Sheikh Bayan said that the Jews deserved this punishment and that they are the epitome of treachery, lies, and transgression.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Iyhab Bayan: The Prophet Muhammad brought about peace, Islam, and loyalty – even with Jews. There is no indication that the Prophet or his companions had betrayed the Jews even once. As for the Jews, I could talk [about their treachery] forever… Can a chameleon [sic] even change? Can such a twisted mentality straighten out… A twisted mentality that violated the commandments of Allah, slayed Allah’s prophets, and lied about Allah… They are the absolute worst sinners among Allah’s creatures. They are the most arrogant towards other people among Allah’s creatures.




Allah spoke the truth when He described them in the Quran as “those who incurred the wrath of Allah,” in the Al-Fatiha chapter. “Those who incurred the wrath of Allah” are the Jews. They truly and completely deserve the wrath of Allah. They truly and completely deserve that some of them were transformed into apes and pigs, because they are the epitome of treachery, lies, and transgression.

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