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Oct 08, 2018
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Egyptian Political Analyst Dr. Wassim Al-Sissy on PA TV: The Jews Toppled Germany, the Ottoman Caliphate, and Czarist Russia at Britain's Request in Return for the Balfour Declaration

#6793 | 02:06
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Speaking on the Palestinian Authority's official TV channel on October 8, Egyptian political analyst Dr. Wassim Al-Sissy said that Lord Balfour had made three demands of Chaim Weizmann in return for his support for Jewish emigration to Palestine. Al-Sissy, who is a urologist by profession and an avid Egyptologist, said that these demands were for the Jews to bring down Germany in World War I, to topple the Ottoman Caliphate, and to bring about the downfall of Czarist Russia by conducting the Bolshevik Revolution. With regard to the defeat of Germany, Al-Sissy added: "That is the secret behind Hitler's hatred of the Jews in World War II."

Following are excerpts:


Dr. Wassim Al-Sissy: Lord Balfour of the Balfour Declaration, who was [Britain's] foreign minister and later became prime minister, brought Chaim Weizmann and said to him: "Look, we want three things from you, and in return, we will facilitate your emigration, and will give you [a state] in Palestine." [Weizmann] asked him: "What are your demands?" He responded: "Bring down Germany." [Weizmann asked:] "But how? We are not part of the war."[Balfour] said: "You are the ones who control the energy sources in Germany. Tighten your grip over the energy sources, so they won't be able to operate." That is what happened. That is the secret behind Hitler's hatred of the Jews in World War II. He hated them so much that his propaganda minister Goebbels said: "The Jews are our catastrophe." They knew that it was the Jews who had cost Germany World War I.




The second demand that England made of Weizmann was to topple the Ottoman Caliphate. They succeeded in doing so.




The third thing [Balfour] said was: We need you to topple Czarist Russia for us." So the [Jews] launched the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and all who participated in it were Jews. [Leon] Trotsky was a Jew, [Friedrich] Engels was a Jew, Lenin's mother was Jewish, Karl Marx was a Jew… They did it using the money they had controlled since 1700. They came up with the notion of banks. They created them. Rothschild… The [Jews] carried out these three things for them, and so England had to help them with emigration…

Interviewer: Emigration to Palestine.

Dr.Wassim Al-Sissy: It did so because they had an agreement.

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