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Jan 22, 2014
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Egyptian Poet Higazi: Al-Sisi Should Not Run for President

#4125 | 02:03
Source: MBC Misr TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)

Egyptian poet Abd Al-Mu'ti Higazi recently said that it would be better for Egypt's democracy if General Al-Sisi did not run for president. Turning "to a ready-made hero to secure our future for us... is a transgression of democracy," he said, in an interview which aired on MBC Misr on January 22, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Abd Al-Mu'ti Higazi: I am one of the people who believes that it would be better if General Al-Sisi did not run for president. I think it would be better for Egypt and for democracy.

Interviewer: Do you mean politically or...

Abd Al-Mu'ti Higazi: Yes, politically. In my view, Egypt has to shape and ensure its future itself and defend democracy through democratic means. By democratic means, I am referring to the constitution, to political activity, and to giving political parties the freedom to be established and to form ties with the public.

Freedom should be given to intellectuals, of all ideologies, so that they can say whatever they like, and embark on debate that will allow different opinions, and will help the decision-makers. We must do all this.

But if we turn to a ready-made hero to secure our future for us – I believe that this is a transgression of democracy, and might lead to a repetition of our past experience, whether we like it or not and whether General Al-Sisi likes it or not.


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