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Jun 13, 2004
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An Egyptian Newspaper Editor: Bush Is Going To Hell In November

#106 | 52
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Nagi Al-Shihabi, Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian Al-Gil Newspaper was interviewed by Al-'Alam TV, the Iranian channel directed at the Arab world. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Al-Shihabi: The truth is that the US wants to eradicate our religious and Islamic identity. Bush declared a Crusader war following the events of 9/11. We must not persuade ourselves that the US wants reforms?

No, the Arab region needs reforms, and indeed national forces and NGO's demand these reforms, and I believe that in some Arab countries steps are being taken in this direction. But when (these reforms) come from the US, and especially from Bush whose hands are covered with the blood of our brothers in Iraq who were tortured in the Abu-Ghuraib prison and other prisons scattered throughout Iraq. I think this is a lie and there is no chance that we will believe it.

We are, indeed, in need of reforms but not when the US is the one calling for these reforms. The US is the last one who can demand this kind of reforms. The US established its country over the body parts of 120 million Indians.

We must first define the enemy. The No. 1 enemy of the Arab and Islamic peoples is the US and not only Israel. Therefore, we must not hope or expect the enemy to solve our problem.

To this very moment I insist that the American Greater Middle East plan will not see the light of day. This plan is connected to Bush and Bush, Allah willing, will go to Hell this coming November.

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