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Sep 06, 2014
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Egyptian Movie Star Nour El-Sherif: 9/11 Was an American Conspiracy

#4480 | 02:33
Source: CBC TV (Egypt)

In an interview, Egyptian movie star Nour El-Sherif discussed how 9/11 was the "result of an internal American conflict." The interview aired on CBC TV, Egypt on September 7, 2014.


El-Sherif: I believe that 9/11 was the result of an internal American conflict. After all, Omar Abdel Rahman was accused of trying to bomb the Twin Towers [in 1993]. People may not know that the CIA offices were under the Twin Towers.






This is just speculation I'm an actor, not a politician.



Interviewer: You're trying to come up with a scenario.



El-Sherif: Yes, I’m just connecting all kinds of things that I heard in the media. There is a conflict between the U.S. presidency and the CIA.



Interviewer: This can be seen in their films –



El-Sherif: Especially after 9/11. The proof is that the first decision of George W. Bush following 9/11 was to establish a new [homeland] security department.



Interviewer: I see. He wanted to replace the old department with one that he trusted more.



El-Sherif: He wanted an agency other than the CIA.






I can't get it into my head how an airplane can bring down a tower down like this...



Interviewer: None of us can get it into our heads how, despite all the security measures, these people managed to infiltrate and attack –



El-Sherif: No sir, I'm talking science here. You have this building –



Interviewer: The explosion came from inside –



El-Sherif: Buildings never collapse like that unless they are detonated form below, like they do with old buildings. They do it so that the vacuum will make the building collapse in its place.



Interviewer: When they want to bring down an old building, they create a vacuum from the inside.



El-Sherif: But how can a plane, flying that high, crash into a building and make it collapse?!



Interviewer: Right, it doesn't make sense...



El-Sherif: In addition, what about the plane that disappeared in the Pentagon?



Interviewer: Exactly.



El-Sherif: I apologize for going off on a tangent...



Interviewer: No problem. On the contrary...



El-Sherif: This is something that has been on my mind a lot. How we are all led by the media... A big and complex lie is created out of nowhere... There might even be some documents...



Interviewer: Yes, to make the lie credible...



El-Sherif: And the whole world buys it...


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