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Nov 13, 2020
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Egyptian Actor And TV Host Wagdy El-Araby: Macron Tries To Distort The Image Of Islam; The Jews Deserved Being Burned By Hitler

#8475 | 02:35
Source: Watan TV (Egyptian MB from Turkey)

Egyptian actor and TV host Wagdy El-Araby said in a November 13, 2020 episode of his show on Watan TV (Turkey-Based Egyptian MB) said the Jews deserved being burned by Hitler, since Allah annihilates oppressors by means of other oppressors. He also said that French President Emmanuel Macron has tried to falsely accuse Islam of terrorism, while France is responsible for "pyramids" of Algerian skulls. El-Araby also said that the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar should have refused to meet with France's Foreign Minister because he is part of Macron's government.

Wagdy El-Araby: "What did the French do in Algeria? How many did they kill?  They erected pyramids of skulls [over there], hundreds of pyramids made of skulls. Yet, no one... To this day, the Jews are still talking about the Holocaust and about what the Germans did to them in the days of Hitler. They do not want... They are raising a racket and no one can tell them a thing. Why? [Allah] annihilates oppressors by means of other oppressors. Hitler burned them, and they deserved it. And to this day, they keep this issue alive. At the same time, what are we doing? Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...


"I would like to ask Macron: Who told you that the mosques and schools that you shut down incite to terrorism? Are you afraid of the spread of Islam? You, and others like you, are trying to distort the image of Islam, to destroy its noble humanistic concepts, and to stigmatize it as a terrorist [religion]. This constitutes bullying.


"When Grand Imam of Al-Azhar met with the [French] Foreign Minister, he said that he would not accept any insult to the Prophet Muhammad. That's just great!


"If the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar had issued a statement and said: 'I will never shake the hand of any official from the government of that Macron, who has slandered the Prophet Muhammad. I will not meet him...' What would that be like? Instead, it seemed like he welcomed him, shook his hand, and said: 'Listen, Peaches, I'm very upset with you. I'm also upset with your man, Macron, who has slandered our Prophet. You people are so bad... This is unacceptable, you guys.' Okay, Kiss-kiss, bye-bye, see you. What is this? What is this meekness? Say no! Be a man! Be a man and say: 'I will not meet this despicable man.'"

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