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Dec 05, 2020
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Muslim Brotherhood TV Host Mohamed Naser Ali: Qatar Is Willing To Reconcile Only With KSA; Saudi, Emirati, And Egyptian Leaders Are Like Wretched Kids, Addicted To Drugs And PlayStation; King Salman Goes To The Toilet 5 Times Every Night And Is Oblivious To Everything

#8509 | 01:57
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Egyptian TV host Mohamed Naser Ali said in a December 5, 2020 show on Mekameleen TV (Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) that Qatar's leaders are smart, while the leaders in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE are "kids" who snort drugs and play video games. He said that the only country Qatar is willing to reconcile its relations with is Saudi Arabia, due to its history and status in the Muslim world. He continued that Qatar does not want to reconcile relations with any other Arab country, particularly the UAE, which he said has tried to "lay siege" to Qatar. In addition, Ali said that since Turkey sent 15,000 soldiers to Qatar when faced with a potential Saudi and Emirati military threat, Qatar will not sever its ties with Turkey. For more about Mohamed Naser Ali, see MEMRI TV clips no. 8181, 8156, 6868, and 6831.

Mohamed Naser Ali: "Qatar has humiliated you. Those who run Qatar are very smart. Those who run Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE are like wretched kids who snort drugs and are addicted to PlayStation. This is my opinion. This is not the editorial policy or anything. This is my opinion, and this is [what I hear] from inside Qatar. Qatar wants to reconcile only with Saudi Arabia. It does not care about the other countries— neither Bahrain, nor... Especially not the UAE! Qatar just relaxed and said to Jared Kushner that it is willing to reconcile only with Saudi Arabia.


"Qatar's condition was reconciliation with Saudi Arabia alone. That is due to Saudi Arabia's position in the Muslim world, its past history, and many other reasons. But to reconcile with this drug-snorting kid Ben Zayed? That's impossible. Why? Because all the criminal actions [against Qatar] came from Bin Zayed. The hacking into the QNA news agency was done by the UAE. The hackers were from the UAE. The criminal plan to lay siege on Qatar and starve its people economically came from the UAE. Does [King] Salman know anything? He is a good man. He does to the toilet five times at night. He does not know anything. He has nothing to do with anything.


"When there was a threat of military action against Qatar, as was published by the Saudi and Emirati media, Recep Tayyip Erdogan intervened and sent 15,000 to Qatar. After all that, you want Qatar to sever its ties with Turkey for the sake of reconciliation? Dream on!"

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