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Dec 08, 2004
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Egyptian Journalist Osama Saraya: It's Called Israel, not "Zionist Entity."

#409 | 01:11
Source: Al-Ikhbariya TV (Saudi Arabia)Al-Ekhbariya (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Osama Saraya, Editor-in-Chief of the Al-Ahram Al-Arabi weekly:

Osama Saraya: Whenever you take a step forward in our region, the pessimists emerge. These people do not want to move forward, and when you do move forward they tell you: "This diminishes [our] free will and sovereignty" and other things of little significance. We are letting the Palestinians continue to get hit and the events go on. The Palestinian issue cannot be resolved militarily, because there are peace agreements and reciprocal relations and there are global and regional changes. The solution is for us to talk with Israel to resolve this problem. Everybody must understand this. I say explicitly: There is no other solution! After over a quarter of a century - since 1967 - of war between us and the Israelis, you continue to call it "The Zionist Entity." It's name is "Israel"! We must realize that there is a new policy and a new world and that changes are taking place. We will get from Israel what belongs to us...

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