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Jan 10, 2023
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Dr. Mohamed Al-Sagheer, Head Of Muslim Scholars' Delegation To Afghanistan: The U.S. Sponsored Drug Cultivation And ISIS In Afghanistan; When Driven Out By The Taliban, It Left Millions Of Addicts, Stole $9 Billion From The Afghan People

#10106 | 01:47
Source: RTA Network (Afghanistan)

On January 10, 2023, a video was posted to the RTA Pashto channel on YouTube in which the head of a Muslim scholars' delegation visiting the Taliban government in Afghanistan, Egyptian Islamist scholar Dr. Mohamed Al-Sagheer said that after "defeating" the U.S., the Taliban has effectively prevented the cultivation of drugs in Afghanistan. He said that the American "occupation" had supplied drugs to the world and used them to kill Afghans, and he claimed that several million Afghans have become drug addicts. In addition, he said that the Taliban's Islamic Emirate has decided to "cleanse" Afghanistan of extremism and has dealt powerful blows to ISIS, which he said was sponsored by the American "occupation."

The delegation of Islamic religious scholars from Muslim countries traveled to Afghanistan in January 2023 and met with senior officials from the Afghan Taliban government, including Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is on the FBI's Most Wanted list, deputy prime ministers, and others, according to Afghan newspapers and social media posts.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Sagheer: "After the [Taliban's Islamic] Emirate crowned its great victory with a general amnesty, it managed, by the grace of Allah, to prevent the cultivation of drugs and various types of hashish, which had been supplied to the world by the occupation forces, and which had been used to kill the Afghan people. According to the statistics we were shown, the Islamic Emirate had found out that several million Afghans had become drug addicts.

"The Islamic Emirate also took it upon itself to cleanse Afghan society of the extremist ideology and of the Khajirites. It dealt powerful blows to ISIS, that had been sponsored by the occupiers.


"This Islamic Emirate is subject to a suffocating siege from all the countries of the world, their lackeys, and their scholars. Moreover, after America was driven out in defeat from Afghanistan, it seized $9 billion of the money of the Afghan people."

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