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Jun 12, 2015
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Egyptian Islamist Lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh: If We Let Women Serve as Judges, They Will Want to Become Muftis

#5036 | 03:08
Source: Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV (Egypt)

In two TV interviews held in June 2015, Egyptian Islamist lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh attacked famous Egyptian film director Inas Al-Degheidy, saying she did not have a shred of femininity. Al-Wahsh also stated his opposition to women serving as judges, saying that if women become judges they could also become muftis and would issue fatwas while menstruating.


June 12



Male Host: "Who is more dangerous to Egyptian society: (Egyptian film director) Inas al-Degheidy or (singer and actress) Haifa Wehbe?"



Nabih Al-Wahsh: "Both of them."



Male Host: "Which one is more dangerous?"



Al-Wahsh: "Inas al-Degheidy is more dangerous to society. Haifa Wehbe encourages sinfulness and immorality, using nudity and sexual innuendos. But the other one spreads corruption all over the world, giving it validity, and she wants to impose it as culture upon society. I wonder why the legal and religious authorities keep quiet about her. In her latest absurdity, she said that she had spoken with Allah in a dream, telling him that she opposes the words of the prophet, because she does not believe in this. I'd like to say to her: It would be better if you covered your behind. What nonsense."



Male Host: "How did you take the liberty of saying to her that you'd take her to the bedroom?"



Al-Wahsh: "She is the one who said that sex is the best language there is. So what should I do with her – pat her or take her to the bedroom?"






Male Host: "What would you do to her in the bedroom?"



Al-Wahsh: "Nothing! She is a man dressed as a woman. Does Inas al-Degheidy have a shred of femininity? She does everything she can to expose her body and emphasize her femininity, but she is no woman."






"Why is she obsessed with the lower half of the body – especially of men?"



Male Host: "Says who?"



Al-Wahsh: "It's clear from the way she moves, the way she acts, the way she talks and all her shocking opinions. I'm not making anything up. She tried to make tragic films at first, but she failed. So she decided to mix it up with sex..."



Male Host: "You married two wives. So what half of the body are you interested in exactly?"



Al-Wahsh: "No, I married (a second wife) for an entirely different reason. My first wife did not want to have more kids, after our two daughters. Back home, in south Egypt, you must have a son. I did not get married for sex or to satisfy my urges."






June 22



Female Host: "The Egyptian constitution gives women the right to be appointed as judges. I mean that her appointment is in line with the constitution."



Al-Wahsh: "I am against anything that opposes the Muslim, Christian or Jewish laws, because these are basic principles. We are not talking about the head of the Coptic church or the Sheikh of Al-Azhar."



Female Host: "We are not talking about these religious positions."



Al-Wahsh: "But (a judge) is a position of authority. What next? They will want to appoint a woman as the Sheikh of Al-Azhar?"



Female Host: "But why are you mixing the two things?"



Al-Wahsh: "If we let a woman become a judge, why shouldn't she become Sheik of Al-Azhar? Why shouldn't she become the Mufti? Why don't we all just go to Hell?! Will she issue me a fatwa while she is menstruating?!"