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Apr 08, 2017
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Egyptian Islamist in Exile Wagdi Ghoneim: Churches Attacked Because Coptic "Crusaders" Supported "Despicable-Sisi"

#5983 | 02:18
Source: Online Platforms - "Ghoneim's YouTube Channel"

Turkey-based Egyptian Islamist Sheikh Wagdi Ghoneim said that the April 9 bombings in the Coptic churches in Tanta and Alexandria were Allah's punishment because "the Crusaders in Egypt supported Despicable-Sisi," whom he called "that worn-out shoe on Trump's foot." The video was posted on Sheikh Ghoneim's YouTube channel a day after the bombings.


Wagdi Ghoneim: "This is my commentary on the bombing of the two churches in Egypt, in Tanta and in Alexandria.




"My commentary is based on a principle of the shari'a. Some say that this is a hadith, but it is not. The principle is: 'Whoever supports an oppressor – Allah imposes this oppressor upon him.' 'Whoever supports an oppressor – Allah imposes this oppressor upon him.' The Crusaders in Egypt supported Despicable-Sisi. They supported him, helped him, and stood by him. Therefore, our Lord must inflict upon them the very same (oppressor) whom they supported and lauded, at the expense of the blood of us Muslims.




"(Coptic Pope Tawadros II) said that Jesus supports Al-Sisi. By Jesus, he was referring to our Issa. Would our prophet Issa support falsehood?! Would he support murderers, killers, thieves, plunderers?! Never! Their Jesus, on the other hand, supports Al-Sisi the traitor.




"Therefore, I say that the bombing of the two churches, in Tanta and Alexandria – and who knows, there may be more to come – is the work of the intelligence agencies of Despicable-Sisi. No one can enter a church and plant a bomb in the first row, unless he is from the intelligence agencies of the criminal Despicable-Sisi.




"Let's take a look at the chain of events. Despicable-Sisi, that worn-out shoe on Trump's foot, has just returned from America, and Trump threw him out like a dog – I apologize to the dogs for comparing Al-Sisi to them. He is worthless, and has signed everything they gave him to sign. He came back in order to carry out (the orders).




"After these bombings, and there may be more to come, people might say that the Crusaders should arm themselves – even though they have amassed weapons in their monasteries and churches.




"So the Crusaders will carry guns out in the open, and Egypt will become like Lebanon."

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