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Feb 25, 2014
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Egyptian Islamist in Exile Assem Abdel Maged: My Loyalty to Allah Outweighs My Loyalty to My Country

#4827 | 01:30
Source: Rabea TV (Egypt)

Egyptian Islamist Assem Abdel Maged, a leader of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya living in exile in Turkey, said: "My loyalty lies with Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, and it is a much greater loyalty than loyalty to any country." His statements aired on February 25 on Rabea TV, a channel affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, broadcasting from Turkey.

Following are excerpts:

Assem Abdel Maged: It is our Lord who will reward us in the Hereafter. Therefore, my loyalty lies with Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, and it is a much greater loyalty than loyalty to any country. Some might say that I am creating animosity and contradiction between religion and patriotism. No, I am not.

But when a certain country is hostile to Allah and His Prophet, what am I to do? Should I side with my country's rulers for being hostile to Allah and the Prophet? Or should I act like the fools do and find justifications for them, as some riffraff and lowlifes do? They say: Al-Sisi is a great Islamic leader. You pig! You pig!

Every now and again, he rust to the church – to his friends and his clan. You criticized Morsi for saying "my family," when he was referring to the entire Egyptian people. You said he was referring to the Islamist movements or the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way, even if that was what he was referring to – and it wasn't – if by "my family," he was referring to Muslims, it is better than someone who visits the church every couple of days, and acts according to the church's guidelines, instructions, and whims.


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