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Mar 27, 2020
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Egyptian Islamic Scholar Dr. Haitham Talaat: Atheists Are A Thousand Times Worse Than Terrorists

#8027 | 01:44
Source: The Internet - "Dr. Talaat on YouTube"

Egyptian Islamic scholar Dr. Haitham Talaat said in video that he uploaded to his YouTube channel on March 27, 2020, that atheists are social outcasts with whom people should not have a dialogue. He said that atheists are infidels and apostates who are guilty of the worst crime in the world and who are a thousand times worse than terrorists or armed robbers. Dr. Talaat said that engaging in dialogue with atheists can lead one to become an infidel, to become nihilistic, and to believe that human beings are "just advanced fish." He added that the "inevitable outcome" of absorbing these ideas is suicide.

Haitham Talaat: "Some good people want to promote a dialogue with the atheists. This is problematic for a number of reasons.


"Atheists are social outcasts. Therefore, they are looking for every possible way to normalize relations with society. People instinctively reject atheists and are repelled by them. So if we promote a dialogue with them, people might ask themselves: 'Are we more zealous about Islam than that Sheikh?' People will start accepting the atheists and this is exactly what the atheists want. By doing so, we are paving the way for normalization with atheism. We are making people forget that atheists are infidels and apostates who perpetrate the biggest crime in the world. There is no greater danger to our nation than the atheists. The crime of atheism is worse than terrorism or armed robbery a thousand times worse. The worst thing that an armed robber or a terrorist can do is to rob you of your world in other words, to kill you. The atheist robs you of the world to come. He makes you lose your religion. And after you lose your religion and become an infidel, he tells you: 'By the way, this world is nothing. It is governed by nihilism. We are just advanced fish. Moral values are an illusion and the world around you is a hallucination. It is nothing but matter and physical laws without any meaning, value, or purpose.' If you absorb these atheistic presumptions, the inevitable outcome is suicide."

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