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Nov 14, 2020
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Egyptian Islamic Scholar Khaled Al-Gindi: Muslims Should Not Be Held Responsible For Attacks Carried Out By Extremists; Mao, Stalin, Hitler Killed Tens Of Millions, Yet No Religion Is Blamed For This

#8468 | 03:50
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

Egyptian Islamic scholar Khaled Al-Gindi said in a November 14, 2020 interview on ONTV (Egypt) that Muslims are attacked more than any other group, and he argued that this is proven by the demonization of Islam that takes place after attacks by Muslim terrorists. Al-Gindi said that non-Muslims such as Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and others have killed tens of millions of people, but that no one blames a religion or religious group for their actions. He said that every religion or sect has extremists, and that Muslims should not be held responsible for the actions of groups that have crooked religious views. In addition, Al-Gindi said that people are forgetting about Islam’s contributions to society. Specifically, he said that France was built by Muslims. For more about Khaled Al-Gindi, see MEMRI TV clips No. 5987, 5775, 4904, 3902, 2812, and 1892.

Khaled Al-Gindi: "Nobody in the whole world has been subjected to attacks more than the Muslims. Let's say that among the Muslims there are some terrorists. Tell me, where in the world are there no terrorists? Let's do the math – historical math – just to refresh people 's memory. Let me tell you something very strange: In the world, there are... You may find the following statistics hard to believe. A well-known leader in the world killed 79 million people. Stalin killed..."

Interviewer: "You are talking about Hitler?"

Khaled Al-Gindi: "No, Mao Zedong. Joseph Stalin killed 50 million. Hitler killed 40 million. By the way, I'm happy to say none of those [leaders] were Muslims. If we are talking about a terrorist who killed someone with a knife or something – we condemn this, no doubt about it. Ultimately, however, we are talking about someone who killed a person or two. Here we are talking about [the killing of] 79 million and 50 million! Yet no one points to any of the perpetrators' religion accusing it of being a terroristic religion. Cambodian leader Pol Pot killed three million people. King Leopold of Belgium killed 15 million Congolese people. None of these [leaders] was named Ahmad, Muhammad, Abd Al-Aziz, or Abd Al-Rahman. We have a very big problem here. How come every time that one of 1.9 billion [Muslims] goes astray, it automatically stains Islam and the Prophet Muhammad? This is not fair. This is insolence. No one condemned Christianity, or even wanted to do so, because Hitler took the swastika to be his symbol in all the things that the Nazis did worldwide. The boy that entered two mosques in New Zealand and killed all the Muslims that were there, in cold blood..."

Interviewer: "In March 2019."

Al-Gindi: "He was sentenced to [life in] jail."

Interviewer: "He killed 51 people..." 

Al-Gindi: "I want someone to tell me what religion he belongs to. The whole word kept silent about it. Why? Because he is not Muslim. He had been a Muslim, everybody would have blamed the Prophet, the Sheikhs, the Muslims, the Islamic discourse, and say that the Quranic verses order to kill. 


"I am not responsible for some crooked interpretations of some crooked groups, which exist in every religion. In every religion, in every creed, in every divine book, in every book written by humans, and in every religious community and every sect, there are extremists who suffer moral decadence, ideological and behavioral deviation, and who believe in an inhumane way. So why do we leave all the rest and concentrate on Islam, and say this is Islam and this is the Prophet of Islam? They forgot what Islam has given to civilization. They forgot what Islam has given to civilization. They forgot about the scholars of Islam. They forgot the Muslim scientists who work in research institutes and universities in France, in the U.S., and in Britain. France was built by Muslims. France has six million Muslims who are a part of the French culture. The Muslims of North Africa fought in the French liberation wars and protected France and the French people."

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