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Jan 02, 2011
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Egyptian Intellectuals Accuse the Israeli Mossad for the Alexandria Church Bombing

#2747 | 03:27
Source: Al-Kawthar TV (Iran)Al-Faraeen TV (Egypt)Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from reactions to the bombing in Alexandria, Egypt, which aired on various TV channels on January 2-3, 2011:

Al-Fareen TV (Egypt) on January 3, 2011:

Former Egyptian Deputy Minister Abdallah Al-Ash'al: Today, many young people in Egypt are unhappy. They flee the country and prefer to die on the shores of the Mediterranean, because they have no job opportunities here. If you ask any of them, they will say: If I find anything abroad, I will leave. The Mossad has exploited this. The people who carried out this attack are Egyptians, but the Mossad exploited them.

Are these nothing but theories? No. When Israeli military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin submitted a report about the past four and a half years, he stated clearly that Israel was exploiting the peace treaty in order to infiltrate Egypt.


Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) on January 2, 2011:

Egyptian Islamist lawyer Muntasar Al-Ziat: Amidst all the tumult and the phobia, people have forgotten that out of the 21 casualties, 13 were Muslims. Sheik Al-Azhar, the Mufti of Egypt, and the media have forgotten to send their condolence to their [families]. Thirteen of the 21 casualties were Muslims.

Therefore, we can say that foreign hands were at play here, and they bear most of the responsibility, because the disintegration of the Egyptian people, and the instigation of civil strife among the Egyptians, are clear goals of the Zionist entity and of the foreign enemy.


Al-Kawthar TV (Iran) on January 2, 2011:

London-based Islamist writer Kamal Al-Hilbawi: Fragmentation is part of the global strategy of the US, not just vis-à-vis the Arab world. The Arab and Islamic world may be the focus at present, because US strategy cannot accept the presence of a powerful country there – whether Muslim, Arab, or even non-Arab. Look what they did in Vietnam, in Korea, and in Japan during World War II. That is the American strategy, the goal of which is to maintain the backwardness of other countries, and their fragmentation, in order to prevent the rise of a powerful country.


Interviewer: Do you believe that this applies to Egypt as well? Egypt is a friendly country, an ally with strong ties with the US. At the very least, the US is in need of Egypt, in order to continue the negotiations between the Zionist entity and the PA. Why does Egypt allow – or at least, turn a blind eye – to what is happening in Egypt now and may happen again in the future?

Kamal AlHilbawi: It is the Egyptian regime that has good ties with the Americans and the Zionists – not the people, not the army, and not the Egyptian intelligence agencies.


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