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Nov 19, 2015
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Egyptian Intellectual Mamoun Fandy: The Europeans Might Do to the Muslims What Hitler Did to the Jews

#5182 | 01:29
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

In a TV debate, Egyptian intellectual Dr. Mamoun Fendy compared the Arab and Islamic communities in Europe to the ghettoes of the Jews prior to WWII and presented an extreme position: "that it's possible that the Europeans will do to the Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews." The debate aired on Sky News Arabia on November 19, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Mamoun Fandy: Let me say something somewhat extreme about the Muslims living in the West, and I hope that we are talking about a worst case scenario. We have a "geography of extremism" in the West today. The Arab and Islamic communities in Western cities are closed communities, just like the Jewish communities before the World War – ghettos, or closed and insular communities, which do not assimilate. Hitler's attitude toward the Jews is very similar to the Europeans' attitude today toward the Muslims.

Another panel member: Actually, I disagree with you…

Mamoun Fandy: No, that's fine. We're having a debate. I'm presenting an extreme position – that it's possible that the Europeans will do to the Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews.


With regard to colonialism, my problem with the Europeans and the Americans is the "hit and run" philosophy in wars. Colonialism is not an absolute evil. Colonialism built a railway in Egypt all the way to Aswan and built schools.


Colonialism was not all bad. If it had continued in our region, the [Middle East] would be more civilized. The Arab countries have failed to build civil states.


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