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Sep 11, 2004
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Egyptian Intellectual: Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Planned 9/11

#278 | 02:57
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian intellectual Hassan Al-Bana:

Al-Bana: This is a book written by Benjamin Netanyahu on the uprooting of terrorism. He talks about attacking the Twin Towers, He talks about attacking the US National Security Council, and about attacking the UN. Take, for example, the Twin Towers operation. Such an operation doesn't require placing a car bomb under the two towers but placing small nuclear bombs and detonating them. The scenarios were ready. This scenario was prepared by the Jews at the Jonathan Institute.

Interviewer: What scenario are you talking about?

Dr. Hasan Al-Bana: The scenario of bombing (the WTC). I'm talking now about the bombing scenario and how it was a planned operation, and not an act of revenge. He had to find an excuse; a reason for intervention.

Interviewer: Dr. Hasan, you talk of the perpetrator. Are you saying there was an Israeli plan ready for operation?

Dr/ Hasan Al-Bana: The scenario was prepared by Israel and the US.

(The Jonathan Institute) is situated in Jerusalem and it has branches all over the world, When he talks about scenarios of destroying the US from within, to drag the US to fight what has been known worldwide as "terrorism" - this isn't a passing event. It is a practice that has accompanied the Jewish existence throughout the world. They became allies with the Romans against the Persians and when they were taken into captivity in the Babylonian exile, they became allies with any power that arose. They became allies with the Muslim nation, at a one point. Later on, in Europe, they became allies with Britain and came to the region, to the State of Israel. After all this they became allies with the US.

Henry Ford and George Bush attended the Jonathan Conference in 1984. They agreed with Netanyahu on the scenario for the bombing of the Twin Towers. When Netanyahu was asked how a force can be mobilized… He said: "In America you have religious factions who oppose abortions in hospitals. This religious sentiment can be exploited and channeled into these kinds of operations." This all exists (in writing). Anybody who read Uprooting Terrorism (sic.) and many other American books (would understand).

Moreover, there is no such thing as a conspiracy. What conspiracy? George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are the only American presidents to control the CIA. George Bush Jr. declared that the Twin Towers operation would remain completely secret.

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